March 5th, 2007

This shows main event saw Rob Warren take on Nick Toretto for a spot in the Happenstance Tournament of Kings, aswell as being contested under table match rules for the Primetime Championship. Did Toretto keep his title reign alive or did Warren win a new title and advance in the tournament, only a week removed from his blood soaked loss to Chris Roman?

The show started off with “Killed By An Angel” by Sunny Day Real Estate echoing throughout the arena. The Iconoclast; Cody Clark, Alli Taylor, Cody Galle, AJ Donavon and Buckley Alva all made their way to the ring. Clark was dressed in a pinstripe suit, obviously trying to look professional. The New Commissioner of BWF, (Clark) got on the mic and spoke about how he lost to Legend again, and didn’t really care. “We had an incredible match, and Leggy won. But who’s in the power position Legend? I am, so it doesn’t make a fucking difference. I’m still in the drivers seat, chump.” Clark then moved on saying that tonight, the Iconoclast would induct a new member into the fold. He is a new signing to BWF and he is a blue chipper, ready to take the federation by storm. “Build Your Cages” by Pulse Ultra played over the speakers and new BWF signee, Trent Turner made his way to ringside.

Turner immediately got on the mic and made quite the statement. He thanked Cody Clark for the opportunity to join BWF and explained that the Iconoclast is running BWF now. He also called the Legend over rated and said that the champ had better watch his title, because Turner is gunning for him. Turner closed with the announcement that he is going to have a qualifying match to enter the Happenstance Tournament of Kings. [WATCH]

The first contest of the evening was a Happenstance Qualifying Match that saw former World Champion, Rob Torborg take on the rookie of the ‘Clast, Buckley Alva. Alva tried all he could but Rob Torborg squashed the upstart, hitting him with big suplexs and a big clothesline. Alva got a small amount of offense in, hitting a couple of shots which led to an attempted New York Minute (High Angle RKO) but Torborg shoved him into the ropes and then hit the Rob-K-O! As Alva laid on the mat, down and out, Torborg shouted “That’s how it’s done!” right in Alvas face, before pinning him to get the victory. We quickly cut backstage and we see Trent Turner watching on a monitor, sporting a slight grin.

Coming back from the commercial break, we were treated to our backstage interviewer, Toshi Yang. She explained that she was waiting for Alex Wilkie by the back door. Wilkie then burst in the back door and when Toshi tried to get an explanation for why he attacked The Executioner with Casey Campbell. Wilkie replied that it would all be explained in due time, in the ring. [WATCH]

On the tron, the show was interrupted by a transmission that started off with static and a mystery man speaking. The man turned out to be X, who was returning! He explained that he has won various titles in the BWF but the title that has eluded him since joining BWF was the Tag-Team Championship. He said he has a Mystery Partner who is a 2-Time BWF Champion, who will be announced once their open challenge is accepted. [WATCH]

And speaking of the Executioner, up next saw The Golden Couple take on the Aberdean Boys in tag-team action. This match was also very one sided, as the much more experienced team of the Golden Couple easily took apart the Aberdeans. The Allans showed their tandem prowess executing The Gold Rush on Aaron to take him out of the match. They then hit Reggie with the Torn From Within to get the pinfall and the victory.

BWF Chief of Staff, Alli Taylor made her way back out to the stage with a mixed reaction. Alli had a clip board in her had with a contract on it. She stated that the contract in her hand belonged to "The Future" Mad Dogg. The fans started to go crazy just at his name but she stopped them. She said that keeping the "Love Hurts" style, she planned something for him. Alli announced that Mad Dogg had seen his last match in BWF, his contract is null and void! Before her music could hit, "In Fate's Hands" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus begins to blare and none other than Mad Dogg walks out of the curtain. He has his jacket on and lifts up the hood. In his hands are a few pieces of papers. Before Alli can speak he grabs his mic. He tells her that Mad Dogg may be fired, but in his hands was a contract signed by Jen Corlen herself. Alli told him that Jen had signed her paperwork that morning so his was void. He told her that may be true, for Mad Dogg, but the contract in his hands were for one, "The Revolution" Gabe Shelley! He stated that one clause in his contract is that he is entering himself in Happenstance! [WATCH]

After the bombshell from Taylor and Shelley, we saw the Happenstance Tournament continue. It was Markus Mekhet taking on Casey Campbell. That’s right, Campbell replaced his midget manager MC in the contest, in hopes to advance in the Happenstance tournament. The match went back and forth, with MC at ringside, trying to get involved every now and then. The end came when Markus went for the The Blood Majik (Red Poison Mist) but Casey ducked and the referee got hit with the mist. Markus turned around and was then hit with the PWN! (Point-Blank Spear)! But the referee was down and Casey was unable to get the pinfall. From the crowd came the Executioner, who entered the ring and delivered a vile Execution (Test Drive) to Campbell. Another referee hit the ring and Mekhet pinned Campbell for the win, to advance in the tournament.

Backstage we saw the Legend, in his locker room watching the show with the BWF Championship on his lap. He had a cut on his forehead from the events that transpired at Hearts on Fire. Legend took no notice of the camera but immediately stood when someone entered the room. The camera zoomed out and we see that Legend stood because JC Ice entered the room, with the Tag-Team championship belt around his waste. The two men stared at each other for a moment before Legend slung the championship over his shoulder and looked at it, before looking back to Ice with a smile on his face. Legend asked Ice if he thinks he is ready to take on an entity at Happenstance. Ice didn’t say anything, he just looked at the BWF title, also smiled and left the room. Obvious tension between these two men, but they are taking the smart route, not fighting each other until the time is right.

James Reilly was in the ring, waiting for JC Ice himself to come out but Ice appeared on the tron with the Tag-Team Championship belt over his shoulder. Ravnos was at his side with his Tag-Team title over his shoulder. Ice asked the referee to count him out because he has bigger things to worry about and James Reilly just isn’t worth his time, not when he has The Legend at Happenstance for the BWF Championship. The referee then declared James Reilly the winner via count-out but Reilly didn’t look pleased.

We returned from the commercial break to see ‘Grade A’ Alex Wilkie standing in the center of the ring. He stated that he’d be addressing some issues. He went on to speak about why he left LWA and Dante Creed but the climax of the segment was when he mentioned Danny Allan. The mention of his name, prompted Allan to come out and confront Wilkie. The two stood nose to nose and Danny explained that he is the biggest star BWF has ever seen, that the company was built around him. He told Wilkie that he respects that he tried to return with a bang, but Wilkie and the rest of BWF owe Danny their jobs. Danny then instructed Wilkie to kiss his feet. Wilkie refused, saying that the people built BWF, not him and that he, Danny, should be kissing the fans feet. Wilkie then crossed the line by insulting Allans wife, Adriana Garcia and Danny hit Wilkie with a mean right hook. The two brawled back and forth but Danny was able to get the upper hand and go for the Execution but Casey Campbell hit the ring, looking for revenge from earlier in the evening. Campbell took down Danny with a spinebuster. Campbell smacked Wilkie on the forehead and told him to ‘Wake up!’ before the two began stomping away on the Hall of Famer. But before the Can-Am Connection could do any real damage on Allan, Adriana Garcia hit the ring and kicked Wilkie in the gut. She dropped Casey with a rolling neckbreaker but Wilkie took her down with a ddt. The Can-Am go to work stomping on the Golden Couple until they heard the crowd roar and the Kindred of Sirus Moran and Chamelion hit the ring! The Can-Am quickly left the ring and flipped off the Kindred as they left up the ramp. The Kindred helped up the Golden Couple and got a nod from the Allans, saying thank you. The Golden Couple and the Kindred then stared at the Can-Am Connection as they walked backwards up the ramp, looking pleased with their actions.[WATCH]

Next we saw Legend and Lisa appear on the tron. The fans gave the champion and his new wife a mixed reaction. Legend spoke about how he is an entity and such, saying BWF is nothing without him. He goes to say that the Iconoclast is nothing but a joke and he doesn't need to spend time on them. He tells JC Ice that at Happenstance, something will happen to him. He'll be another notch on Legend's belt.

Just after that, the tron lit up and we saw a tropical location. The camera panned over and we saw none other than Mark McNasty! He said that he wasn’t going to sit by and watch Cody Clark treat BWF like his own little video game. He stated that next week he’d be on Havok to do something about it as the crowd roared! [WATCH]

We went to commercial and apon returning, The Kindred were standing backstage with Toshi Yang. Chamelion explained that months ago, he called out Alex Wilkie and the man ran from BWF with his tail between his legs, and when he saw Can-Am attack a defenseless woman none the less, he and Sirus had to run out and help. He told Wilkie to stick around because sooner or later, he’d have to deal with Chamelion. [WATCH]

In the main event of the evening, Nick Toretto tried to advance in the Happenstance Tournament while retaining his Primetime Championship in a Table Match against Rob Warren. This match wasn’t a technical masterpiece, as Rob Warren hit the ring with a chair and laid out Toretto. Toretto stood back up and Warren tossed the chair to him but Toretto caught it. Warren ran up and tried to kick the chair back into Torettos face but Toretto side stepped him. Warren stood again and the champion took him out with a vile chair shot. Toretto laid the chair on the mat, picked Warren up and dropped him with a scoop slam onto the chair. Toretto brought a table into the ring and set it up. Warren tried to fight back by hitting Toretto with a big shot to the gut. He then tossed the champion into the corner and followed it up with a big clothesline and then a bulldog out of the corner. Warren then laid Toretto on the table and climbed to the top rope! But Toretto stood and climbed up to the top rope. He was able to turn Warren in mid-air and drop him through a table with a gutwrench powerbomb from the top rope! Warren crashed through the table and the bell rang, and the ring announced Nick Toretto the winner. But Cody Clark appeared on the tron and announced that this was a two fall match-up. The first fall was for the Primetime Championship but the second fall was to determine who was going on in the Happenstance Tournament! Toretto looked quite angry as Clark faded off the tron. Toretto now had the championship belt and he was waiting for Warren to stand. Warren barely could but Toretto tried to hit him with the belt. Warren ducked it but Toretto turned right around and laid Warren out with the belt. From the crowd came AJ Donavon and Cody Galle, sporting Iconoclast t-shirts! They entered the ring and took Toretto down with a high/low! Galle exited the ring and set up a table on the outside. Donavon left the ring also and Warren stood back up. He got Toretto up and hit him with the Warren Driver. Warren then climbed to the top rope but once again, Toretto was able to get up. He climbed to the top rope but this time, Warren got a hold of him and jumped off the top rope to the outside floor, chokeslamming Toretto through the table in the process! Both men were shown, down and out as Havok went off the air.

- Rob Torborg def. Buckley Alva to advance in the Happenstance Tournament
- The Golden Couple def. The Aberdean Boys
- Markus Mekhet def. Casey Campbell to advance in the Happenstance Tournament
- James Reilly def. JC (via count-out)
- Fall One: Nick Toretto def. Rob Warren to retain the Primetime Championship
- Fall Two: Rob Warren def. Nick Toretto to advance in the Happenstance Tournament