The speakers in the arena begin to echo one word.


The Blazentron lights up and we can see palm trees blowing in the wind, and an ocean in the background, next to white sand. Steel drums begin to play, and the camera pans over to see a man sitting on a beach chair, stretched out, and with his arms up behind his head. The man is wearing beach shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and flip flops. He is facing away from the camera, due to the fact he is sipping lemonade out of a glass that a tall man is holding up to his face. The man finishes sipping the lemonade, and then lets out a pleased sigh. The man finally turns to the camera, and removes his sunglasses, letting everyone see he is none other than former BWF champion, Mark McNasty! McNasty is showing his trademark smile as he stares at the camera. He continues to speak.

Mark McNasty
Oh Cody, come on man! You think you are going to just storm BWF and take over, and not hear from me? Come on man, you know me better than that! See, honestly, after my last feud with Blazenwing, I could give two craps about what happens to BWF. However, things are going wayyyy too good for you. And I can't just sit around and let you have your own federation to play like a video game. Thats why, next week, I'm doing something about it.

The crowd begins to cheer.

Mark McNasty
That's right. Next week, Mark McNasty WILL be in the building. And with me, I bring the first bump in your road of total dominace Cody. See ya next week, buddy.

McNasty flashes a huge smile before he puts his sunglasses back on and claps his hands together twice. A woman with a tan runs over in a bikini, and holds out a glass of tea with a long straw. Mark begins sipping on it as the Blazentron turns off.