The camera changed to the back area of the Arena, Toshi Yang was standing against the wall looking towards the exit.

Toshi Yang
Ladies and Gentlemen, Iíve just been informed that Alex Wilkie has arrived at the Arena, and he should be coming through this door any minute.

And with that, the door swung open and a familiar face, covered in black sunglasses appeared. Wilkie walked through the Arena entrance quickly carrying a duffle bag in one hand and the same steel chair he used to take out The Executioner, Danny Allen and Rob Torborg.

Toshi Yang
Mr Wilkie! Mr Wilkie! Can you please spare a few minutes out of your time and answer a few questions for me?

Alex Wilkie looked at Toshi and grinned a bit, taking off his sunglasses.

'Grade A' Alex Wilkie
Miss Yang, all questions will be answered in due time. looks at his watch quickly And that should be later tonight when I get out to the ring. he grins and slips his glasses back on If youíll excuse me.

He walked away from Toshi towards the ring, the scene went quickly to black and cut to commercial.