Name: X

Hometown: Alliance, Ohio

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 250 Lbs.

Classification: Heavyweight

Alignment: Face

Entrance Music: "Blind" - Korn

Entrance: A red X shows up on the BlazenTron. The beginning of "Blind" by Korn plays, and the crowd hushes. The X on the screen starts pulsating as red and white pyro shoots from the stage. When the pyro dims down a bit, the lights come back on but only in a dim red. The crowd sees X trying to work them all into a frenzy! X begins his way down the ramp and stops, then climbs into the crowd and starts pushing people and yelling, attempting to start a mosh pit! When the pit gets rolling, he climbs out and lets them have their fun. The music slows down and X climbs over the left turnbuckle, sits for about 3 seconds, and jumps down. The music cuts when he gets to the center of the ring.

Normal/Ring Attire:
- See Picture

Fighting Style: Technical, with a flash of high flyer and power

Persona: X respects those who earn it, and merely ignore the rest.

Signature moves:
- The Padded Wall (X places the opponent’s head between his legs from behind. He hooks the opponent’s arms and jumps, causing the opponent to land on their face.)
- 450 Elbow Drop
- Butterfly Lock
- Top-rope DDT

- The Straight Jacket (A half nelson/half chicken wing with X’s hands together. He holds the opponent in the air for about 5 seconds, and if they don't give up, then X slams them to the mat, straddling their back and pulling upward, similar to a camel clutch.)
- The Sedator (Both superstars go back to back, X hooks his arms through the opponent’s arms, lifts them and slams them to the mat, almost like a reverse Bubba Bomb.)

Quote: “You have been marked!”

Superstar History: After wrestling in other organizations and building his reputation, X debuted in the BWF on September 29, 2003. After fighting strongly in his initial matches, X captured his first BWF title, the Hardcore Championship, on October 13, a mere two weeks after his debut! Things didn’t stop rolling for X from there. While he didn’t hold onto the Hardcore Championship for long, X vowed to stay in the spotlight, and did just that by upending 13 other superstars to win the first-ever Gauntlet Run match, earning himself a BWF Championship title shot at the biggest pay-per-view of the year, BWF WrestleFest. The match was made a hell in a cell match, with Ghost defending against both X and Brian Fenris, due to an incident earlier in the month. Even though the odds weren’t on X’s side that night, he still emerged victorious, making Fenris tap out to the Straight Jacket to win the BWF Championship! After losing the title to Kate Gilmore at the February 8, 2004 pay-per-view Hearts on Fire, X won his Championship back a mere eight days later in a rematch that also saw Gilmore’s final appearance with the BWF. In this period of time, X joined the Wolfpac with The Big O, Josh McKlick and Johnny Evildude, but when it was revealed that two men with egos as big as X and Big O wouldn’t be able to coherently work alongside one another, they battled in a feud for X’s BWF Championship. After Big O emerged victorious in their First Blood match at Happenstance 2004, X vanished from the BWF without a trace. Just when it seemed that BWF had seen the last of the former BWF Champion, an unpainted X returned to Havok on April 26, 2004 and announced himself as a free agent, available to choose his own show due to a clause in his contract. X was apparently set to join Rob Callaway’s Havok, but after Ghost promised him a BWF Championship title shot against the newly-crowned Champion Josh McKlick, X had no choice but to take Ghost up on his offer and become a member of the Mayhem roster. X got his title shot against Josh, but surprisingly was upset by the Champion, and thus began his downward spiral. X began fading from the BWF picture. In an attempt to restart his career, X began teaming with former partner The Big O. They received a BWF Tag Title shot against Squeesus and Ace at the 2004 Bash at the Beach PPV, but it was not to be, as X turned on Big O halfway through the match and injured him. Suddenly, X seemed to be poised for another run at the top... when circumstances beyond his control forced him to leave BWF almost directly after the Bash. Again, it seemed as though X's run in BWF was over for good... until he shocked us all again, returning to the BWF on the September 20 edition of Havok and joining David Blazenwing's Corporation, receiving a World title shot at Bam at Over the Edge 2004, which he made the most of, defeating Bam with the aid of David Blazenwing to capture the World Heavyweight Championship, his third BWF World title and fifth overall!

Title History:
- BWF Champion (2)
- World Heavyweight Champion (1)
- BWF Hardcore Champion (1)
- Two-time BWF Gauntlet Run Winner (2003, 2005)
- XwF World Champion (1)
- XwF Hardcore Champion (1)
- SCWF Tag Team Champion (3)
- SCWF World Champion (1)
- SCWF Lightweight Champion (1)