Nick Toretto

Name: Nick Toretto

Nickname: The Prototype

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 248 Lbs.

Classification: Heavyweight

Alignment: Face

Entrance Music: "Burn In My Light" – Mercy Drive

Entrance: The arena goes to pitch blackness as white strobe lights begin to flash on and off.

The Nebulas rises up out from the black of the deceiving lies
A new star is born now he brings you the light with his hands untied

They tried so hard to follow,
But no one can
Inside you're all so hollow,
You understand?

Suddenly they stop, and a bright gold light passes through the audience as a sudden eruption of pyro bursts onto the stage. Through the smoke comes the Prototype, Nick Toretto with a serious expression on his face – standing right next to him, Eden Turner. The two share a quick kiss before heading down the ramp.

Nothing you can say!
Nothing's gonna change what you've done to me
Now, its time to shine!
I'm gonna take what's mine while you're burning inside my light

He starts quickly pacing down the ramp with a look telling everyone that he's here to fight, and he's here to kick some ass, Eden follows closely behind Nick, then moving to his side, interlocking her arm around his. Despite the look, he still slaps a few fans' hands while he makes his way to the ring.

I gave and you take and I waited for you
But, I made a mistake
It’s clear that your fear is so near
Because I see the look on your face

Toretto stands at the bottom and turns his head up and around clock-wise while he fixes the baseball cap on his head. He gives a little smirk and then guides his fiancée up the steps and watches her gracefully enter the ring through the middle rope, he then makes his way up the steel steps, across the apron and straight into the ring as he holds his hands up getting an immediate roar from the crowd.

You tried to hold me under
I held my breath
Alone and now you wonder
What I possess

Eden remains in the center of the ring while intently watching Nick show off for the crowd. Nick now climbs a turnbuckle and gives an action as if he's polishing his arm. He then takes off his baseball cap and throws it into the audience. A quick pause follows as he looks at the jersey. Toretto then takes that off slowly while the female fans approve with loud screams. Nick keeps his smile and throws it into the audience as the females make a mad dash for it.

Nothing you can say!
Nothing's gonna change what you've done to me (hey!)
Now its time to shine! (shine)
You're gonna burn in the light

Nick now jumps down and starts testing the ropes as he runs back and forth, then he does a little shadow boxing and then he walks over to the far side of the ring, where he joins Eden – the two share yet another kiss as they both await the match to begin.

Ring Attire:
- Jean Shorts
- Black Elbow pads
- Black Kneepads
- Black Wristbands
- Tennis Shoes
- Sports Jersey (Different every night; Entrance Only)

Normal Attire:
- Same as Ring Attire, except that he wears an Armani suit on formal occasions, jacket opened, with a silk shirt, which is buttoned, except for the top three buttons.

Fighting Style: Technical

Persona: Nick Toretto is what you would call a ‘people’ person... well, most of the time. Nick is pure blooded Italian, which means he has somewhat of a temper. Very few people want to end up on that bad side.

Signature Moves:
- Gutwrench Powerbomb
- Gory Bomb
- Sleeper Hold

- The Vendetta (Razor's Edge)
- The Omerta (STF)

Personal Quote: “If ya don’t want none, don’t start none. But if ya want some, come get some!”

Superstar History: Nicola Felix Toretto was born to Bella and Anthony Toretto on January 23, 1981 in Queens, NY. Nicola was born fifth of six children – having two older brothers – Vincenzo and Anthony – two older sisters – Sienna and Maria and one younger sister, Sophia. For the first few years of his life, Nicola and the rest of the Toretto family lived happily in New York. However, shortly after the birth of the last Toretto child, Sophia – the family moved to their current residence of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The family made the move not because of stereotypical Italian mob connections, however for the fact that Anthony, Sr. had been offered a more lucrative job, and Bella wanted her children to grow up in a more ‘normal’ and quiet neighborhood.

Upon entering school, young Nicola constantly received teasing for his traditional Italian name. Realizing that this constant negative attention was not good for her youngest son, Bella allowed Nicola to ‘Americanize’ his name to Nick. The teasing did not stop right away, but it soon subsided and Nick was left to worry about the more normal things children need to worry about – and having two older brothers to watch his back throughout school helped good ways and in bad. Nick soon realized that he was only known because of his brothers and had a reputation for running to them whenever he needed protection – this was something Nick was determined to change.

When high school came around, Nick was on his own. His brothers had either graduated or were just about to graduate. He knew that soon after they left, he would have no way of protecting himself, so Nick did what his brothers did – he entered the gym and made himself into the man that he wanted by; Nick realized that just a sarcastic attitude and a good sense of humor was going to do him more harm than good, that he had to have something big enough to back up his big mouth. He spent day and night in the gym and after being watched closely by several wrestling coaches – was offered a spot on the varsity wrestling team as a sophomore, quickly making himself known to not only his high school, but to the entire state as an accomplished amateur wrestler, earning several city and state titles in his three years on the team.

His wrestling gained him more than the popularity he had been seeking his entire life, it earned Nick the opportunity of attending a 4 year college, on a 4-year wrestling scholarship – to any college in the state that he wanted. He then decided on the University Of Minnesota Twin Cities – preferring to stay far enough away where he could live on his own, but close enough to visit his family every now and again. During his college years, Nick’s education was always first, but his wrestling seemed to outshine anything he ever did in the classroom. His city and state titles soon became somewhat insignificant to his now national titles and championships, quickly earning his way into the top 5 amateur college wrestlers in the nation. It was then that Nick realized that no matter how far he went, wrestling would always be a part of his life, whether directly or indirectly.

After 4 years of college, Nick graduated from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a bachelor of science in business administration. He put that degree to use when he combined his two loves and opened his very own gym in his hometown of Minneapolis. However, Nick seemed to be bored with the aspect of simply running his business. Nick used his own gym to propel his next career – bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding was Nick’s dream when he entered the gym at the age of 13 – he wanted to be famous, much like every child/teenager does. Wrestling may have gotten him his education, but it also gave him the body of a bodybuilder and when his high school and college wrestling career ended, he knew his dream would once again come true. Nick then threw himself into the gym 6 days a week and began to realize his dream, but once his dream was realized, he still felt like there was something missing...he didn’t know exactly what that one thing was, but if he saw it or felt it – he would know that this was what he was supposed to do.

His wrestling days may have been over, but Nick never forgot about them – about how they gained him national recognition and how proud it made his parents of him. It almost seemed that while he was a bodybuilder, his parents paid him no interest. Nick finally figured out what was missing from his life...his wrestling career.

Before going to a competition in St. Louis, Nick took a small side trip to LaCrosse, WI and sat in the third row of a Blazenwing Wrestling Federation show – his attention turned quickly to one particular diva, but for the most part this show made him realize how much he gave up when he gave up wrestling for good, he know knew that it was time for him to take his wrestling boots out of storage and time to put them on his feet.

On his flight to St. Louis, Nick found himself sitting in close proximity to the one diva that had caught his eye – that being Eden Turner. Something about this woman made him realize that there was another thing missing in his life – the love of a woman, other than his mother of course. The two struck up a conversation while on the flight from Wisconsin to Missouri and once they parted ways in the airport, Nick feared that he would never see this woman again – he quickly told her why he was in Missouri and hoped that his hint would be enough to see her at his competition. His hopes came true – the next day at his competition, Nick saw Eden sitting front row – after the show, the two spent the night together, engaging in conversation about everything except wrestling. The small conversation turned into an all night conversation and the two struck up a bit of a romance. The romance heated up once Nick agreed to manage Eden, and then eventually Nick’s wrestling career became his life as he became an active wrestler – defeating an established Cody Clark in his debut match.

Nick and Eden continued their relationship, it got hotter and hotter until finally Nick realized that he could not live his life without this woman in it and did the only thing he knew he could do to prevent him from losing her – he proposed to Eden, she accepted and the two carried their success in their personal relationship to their success in the ring. Nick once again relived the glory he had not felt since his college wrestling career and claimed the BWF United States Championship 3 times – however there was the one thing that he never got his chance to achieve... the goal of becoming the BWF Champion.

Although he never made his dream of being the top champion come true, Nick did find himself entangled with a former champion – The all started when Nick’s temper took one innocent comment to the next level. The two almost started an all out brawl before Nick’s fiancée Eden stepped in between the two men. This would not be Eden’s only involvement in this feud – she would once again come into play in backstage goings on and also in a match with The Executioner, which nearly ended her career. Nick saw the things that were happening to Eden because of him and he decided to sit back no longer – he took the fight to Danny Allan.

At BWF Broken Resolutions 2006, Danny and Nick engaged in a fight that was not only match of the year material, it was one that could have ended both of their careers. At this point in time, Nick had yet to defeat Danny, but did cost him his BWF Championship, Danny returned the favor when he cost Nick his United States Championship. This match was the culmination of everything that had gone on between these two – however that night was not to be Nick’s as his friend Adriana Garcia stepped into the match and as it looked like Nick was going to be helped by Garcia, she smacked him with the International Championship and then cost him the match. Now that Danny Allan had Adriana Garcia in his corner, it seemed as if this feud between Allan and Toretto had gone to the utmost personal level.

Nick has not yet defeated Danny Allan, and it seems as if the man still has hatred for him, and has yet to defeat him in a one-on-one match. After showing up at one RXW show, it appeared that Danny and Nick had buried the hatchet, and were even going so far as to become a tag team and dominate the division – however these two were never given the chance to do so as RXW/BWF closed its doors and shut down the dreams of a tag team. Nick still has that hunger for gold again and no matter where he ends up, with or without Danny Allan (although preferably with Danny because of their tag team gold aspirations) – he will be on the hunt for it – Eden Turner always by his side. However, the never say never attitude when it comes to the wrestling business has presented itself, as the BWF doors have opened once again, and the man known as the Prototype will return to the ring and continue his in-ring dominance.

Title History:
- BWF United States Champion (3)