BWF Title Histories


Superstar Won From Event Won At Days Held
Bam Ricky Daniels Retribution (8/17/03) 22 Days
David Blazenwing Vacated By Bam Havok (9/8/03) 13 Days
Ghost Elimination Chamber Over The Edge (9/21/03) 35 Days
Tim Murphy Ghost Wreckless (10/26/03) 34 Days
Brian Fenris Tim Murphy Gauntlet Run (11/30/03 31 Days
X Triple Threat Hell in a Cell WrestleFest (12/31/03) 39 Days
Kate Gilmore X Hearts on Fire (2/8/04) 8 Days
X (2) Kate Gilmore Havok (2/16/04) 27 Days
The Big O X Happenstance (3/14/04) 27 Days
Violent Flyer The Big O Havok (4/12/04) 6 Days
The Big O (2) Triple Threat Match Danger Zone (4/18/04) 4 Days
Josh McKlick Triple Threat Match Mayhem (4/22/04) 31 Days
Stryker Cloud Josh McKlick Tainted Twilight (5/23/04) 35 Days
Ghost Stryker Cloud Vertigo (6/27/04) 28 Days
Desire Fatal Four Way Bash at the Beach (7/25/04 34 Days
Ricky Daniels Handicap Match Retribution (8/29/04) 28 Days
Ice Hensley Ricky Daniels Over The Edge (9/26/04) 63 Days
Adriana Garcia Triple Threat Match Gauntlet Run (11/28/04) 33 Days
Ice Hensley (2) Adriana Garcia WrestleFest II (12/31/04) 65 Days
Bam (2) Fatal Four Way Verbal Warfare (3/6/05) 21 Days
The Executioner Elimination Chamber Happenstance (3/27/05) 182 Days
David Blazenwing (2) The Executioner Over The Edge (9/25/05) 35 Days
The Executioner (2) David Blazenwing Gaunlet Run (10/30/05) 71 Days
Kirlia Gardevoir Triple Threat Match Havok (1/9/06) 20 Days
Brian Cade Triple Threat Match Broken Resolutions (1/29/06) 28 Days
Kirlia Gardevoir (2) Brian Cade Hearts on Fire (2/26/06) 22 Days
Cody Clark Kirlia Gardevoir Havok (3/20/06) 6 Days
Captain Marticus Elimination Chamber Happenstance (3/26/06) 28 Days
Eliminator Hellbound Match Danger Zone (4/23/06) 63 Days
Mark McNasty The Legend Beta Test (6/25/06) 8 Days (BWF title retired for new LWA Heavyweight Title)
The Legend Elimination Chamber Survival of the Sickest (1/28/07) ---


Superstar Won From Event Won At Days Held
Josh McKlick 4-Man Ladder Match Havok (7/28/03) 20 Days
Grandtheft Josh McKlick Retribution (8/17/03) 22 Days
Josh McKlick (2) Grandtheft Havok (9/8/03) 63 Days
Crystaledge Josh McKlick Havok (11/10/03) 20 Days
Wacko Marko Crystaledge Gauntlet Run (11/30/03) 31 Days
Blayze Alexander Tournament Havok (1/12/04) 14 Days
Stryker Cloud Battle Royal Havok (1/26/04) 70 Days
Chaos Six-Pack Challenge (Def. Cloud) Havok (3/29/04) 66 Days
Johnny Evildude Chaos Mayhem (6/04/04) 44 Days
Alejandro Diego Battle Royal Reloaded (7/18/04) 105 Days (Title Retired)
Rob Torborg Title Reactivated by Ghost Survival of the Sickest (1/30/05) 16 Days
Toco Rob Torborg Havok (2/15/05) 19 Days
Lil' T Toco Verbal Warfare (3/06/05) 21 Days
Nick Toretto Triple-Threat Match (Def. Lil' T) Reloaded (3/27/05) 50 Days (Title stripped due to No-Show)
Rob Torborg (2) Stryker Cloud Tainted Twilight (5/29/05) 64 Days
Nick Toretto (2) Rob Torborg Vertigo (7/31/05) 56 Days
Captain Marticus Battle Royal Over The Edge (9/25/05) 8 Days
Kimek King of the Mountain Match Havok (10/03/05) 7 Days
Nick Toretto (3) Steel Cage Match Havok (10/10/05) 98 Days
Mark McNasty Nick Toretto Havok (1/16/06) 62 Days
Krazy Whyte Boy 3-Way (Def. Toco) Reloaded (3/19/06) 22 Days
Mad Dogg Krazy Whyte Boy Havok (4/10/06) 126 Days
JC Ice Mad Dogg Revolution TV (8/14/06) 57 Days (RXW closed on 10/10/06)
Cody Galle King of the Mountain Match WrestleFest IV (12/31/06) 28 Days
Rob Warren Cody Galle Survival of the Sickest (1/28/07) 28 Days
Chris Roman Rob Warren Hearts on Fire (2/25/07) -


Superstar Won From Event Won At Days Held
Johnny Legend Smokey eWo Bound for Glory (9/5/04) 7 Days
Lawrence Jarvis Damien Darkside eWo Violence (9/12/04) 56 Days
Seth Thomas Lawrence Jarvis eWo Violence (11/07/04) 35 Days
Kidd Gauntlet Match eWo Guilty as Charged (12/12/04) 10 Days
Mad Dogg Kidd eWo Violence (12/22/04) 9 Days
Mad Dogg (2) Title reactivated in BWF; replaced Mad Dogg's Hardcore title Crisis (10/13/05) 0 Days
Phoenix Mad Dogg Crisis (10/13/05) 45 Days
Lawrence Jarvis (2) Empty Arena Match Crisis (11/27/05) 21 Days
Phoenix (2) Lawrence Jarvis Reloaded (12/18/05) 36 Days
Cody Clark Phoenix Reloaded (1/23/05) 21 Days
David Blazenwing Cody Clark Havok (2/13/05) 34 Days
Samantha Cade David Blazenwing Havok (3/19/05) 42 Days
Ice Hensley Triple Threat Ladder Match Showdown (5/30/05) 64 Days (Vacated by LWA; title purchased by px:w)
Reno Drake Triple Threat Match px:w State of Revenge (7/31/06) 7 Days
Czecher Reno Drake px:w Takedown (8/7/06) 14 Days
Caleb Matthews Reno Drake px:w Takedown (8/21/06) 35 Days
Tommy Knoxville 8-Man Challenge px:w Takedown (9/25/06) 15 Days (px:w closed)
AJ Donovan Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match Survival of the Sickest (1/28/07) 15 Days
Nick Toretto AJ Donavon Havok (2/12/07) ---


Superstars Won From Event Won At Days Held
Anarky and Tim Murphy Tag Team Match Retribution (8/17/03) 22 Days (Titles Retired)
The Big O and K-Krush TLC Title Match WrestleFest (12/31/03) Continues to next box
K-Krush and J-Dizzle Belt given from Big O to J-Dizzle Havok (1/26/03) 39 Days (Total)
Chaos and Carnage K-Krush and J-Dizzle Hearts on Fire (2/08/04) 29 Days
Dorian Black and The Canadian Hero Chaos and Carnage Havok (3/08/04) 14 Days (Stripped after break-up of team)
Desire and Kirlia Gardevoir Awarded Titles Danger Zone (4/18/04) 50 Days
Phoenix and Si Howe Desire and Kirlia Gardevoir Havok (6/07/04) 20 Days
Squeesus and Ace Phoenix and Si Howe Vertigo (6/27/04) 43 Days
Desire and Kirlia Gardevoir Squeesus and Ace Havok (8/09/04) 20 Days
The Canadian Hero and Violent Flyer Desire and Kirlia Gardevoir Retribution (8/29/04) 28 Days
Yoshihiro Sakai and Xander Strife The Canadian Hero and Violent Flyer Reloaded (9/26/04) 43 Days
C.D. Punk and Blade Yoshihiro Sakai and Xander Strife Havok (11/08/04) 20 Days
Chamelion and Wacko Marko C.D. Punk and Blade Gauntlet Run (11/28/04) 79 Days (Stripped after break-up of team)
Chamelion and Raizzor Marcus J. Wellington and Mustafa Karashnikov Havok (2/22/05) 58 Days (Stripped after team's resignation)
Tim Murphy and Ghost Tag Team Turmoil Danger Zone (4/24/05) 66 Days
David Blazenwing and Rob Torborg 3-Way Tag (Def. Ghost) Beta Test (6/29/05) 54 Days
Phoenix and BioCyde David Blazenwing and Rob Torborg Havok (8/22/05) 6 Days
Mr. Showtime and Fire Phoenix and BioCyde Retribution (8/28/05) 63 Days
Casey Campbell and Mr. Canadian Mr. Showtime and Fire Gauntlet Run (10/30/05) 28 Days
Mark Magnum and Justin Hunt Casey Campbell and Mr. Canadian Path to Glory (11/27/05) 34 Days
Sirus Moran and XTC Mark Magnum and Justin Hunt WrestleFest III (12/31/05) 29 Days
Phoenix and BioCyde Sirus Moran and XTC Broken Resolutions (1/29/06) Continues to Next Box
Phoenix and M.S.N. Bio injured; belt awarded to M.S.N. Reloaded (3/05/06) 56 Days (Total)
Alexis Sykes/Chamelion & Raizzor 3-Way (Def. Executioner) Happenstance (3/26/06) 28 Days (Cham took over for last 6 days when Alexis took off of BWF)
Phoenix & Randall Moran Chamelion & Raizzor Danger Zone (4/23/06) 8 Days
The Legend & Mike Adams Phoenix & Randall Moran Havok (5/01/06) 20 Days
David Blazenwing & Captain Marticus The Legend & Mike Adams Tainted Twilight (5/21/06) 35 Days
Toco & Mark McNasty (Nya Roux took herself out of the match) David Blazenwing & Captain Marticus Beta Test (6/25/06) 78 Days (Mark become co-holder of title on 7/10/06)
Jack and Jake Jeckel Toco & Mark McNasty Revolution TV (9/11/06) 29 Days (RXW closed on 10/10/06)
JC Ice and Ravnos Tag Title Battle Royal WrestleFest IV (12/31/06) ---