The Canadian Hero

Name: The Canadian Hero

Nickname: TCH

Hometown: Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 245 Lbs.

Classification: Heavyweight

Alignment: Face

Entrance Music: "Story of Our Lives" - Twiztid

Entrance: The lights in the arena dim as "Story of Our Lives" by Twiztid hits the BlazenTron. The crowd explodes when a man in a hooded shirt walks out. The shirt is emblazened with a large C and the crowd cheers even louder when he pulls down the hood to reveal himself as The Canadian Hero! He places his fingers to his lips and blows the crowd a kiss, then grins as he saunters down the ramp, slapping his chest a few times. He slides into the ring, then leaps onto the nearest turnbuckle before slapping his chest again and pointing to all his peeps in the audience.

Normal/Ring Attire:
- Psychopathic Jerseys
- Ripped Black Jean Shorts

Fighting Style: Submission/Brawler

Signature Moves:
- Spinning Spinebuster
- Pulling Piledriver
- Dangerous DDT
- Beaver Bomb (Powerbomb)

- The Snap (Pedigree)
- Censor Kick (Scissors Kick)
- Shooting Canadian Press (Shooting Star Press)

Superstar History: The Canadian Hero wrestled in several organizations and was even a part of the original BWF formed in early 2003, where he held the original BWF Tag Team Championships with Glacier. After they temporarily closed their doors, Canadian Hero waited. Once BWF re-opened, Hero got a call from David Blazenwing to rejoin, but was reluctant and decided to bide his time, before finally re-signing with the company in January 2004.

After re-signing, Hero scored an upset win along with Dorian Black over the Demon Knights to win the BWF Tag Team Championships in an unscheduled match. However, a rift soon grew between the two men and, when they couldn't settle their differences, the team broke up and were stripped of the Tag titles. Hero shocked the world again when he defeated his former partner in an Ambulance match.

Originally drafted to Mayhem in the short-lived brand extension, Hero was soon traded to Havok and proved to everyone that he was for real on June 7, 2004, when he defeated three other men in a steel cage to capture the International Championship. After losing the title, Hero engaged in a series of matches with then-BWF Champion "Ice" Hensley in his first main event run, though he failed to win the title on several occassions.

He then decided to lower his expectations for the time being and return to the International Championship hunt, defeating Mark McNasty on January 24, 2005 to capture the International title that had been vacated earlier in the evening for a second time! Although he lost that title just eight days later to former partner Kirlia Gardevoir, Hero didn't give up and went on to Verbal Warfare 2005 and defeated Kirlia to earn his record-breaking third International title!

Just how far can The Canadian Hero go? Who knows? Just make sure you're rooting for him when the time comes. After all, betting against a Canadian would be a foolish thing to do.

Title History:
- BWF International Champion (3)
- BWF Tag Team Champion (3; 1 w/ Glacier, 1 w/ Dorian Black, 1 w/ Violent Flyer)