Chris Roman

Name: Chris Roman

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 238 Lbs.

Classification: Heavyweight

Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music: "Back in Black" - AC/DC

Entrance: As "Back in Black" by AC/DC starts up on the BlazenTron, the fans begin to boo loudly as they know it's the arrival of Chris Roman. Blue lights dazzle the fans as Chris Roman comes out . He yells at the fans to stop booing and begins to make his way down the entrance ramp at a very low speed. He take his time to taunt the fans and gets in a yelling contest with one of them at least. As his feet come off of the ramp and onto the ground the booing becomes louder. He walks up the steps snobbishly and goes under the top rope and over the second rope into the ring. Blue fireworks shoot out from behind the ring as he makes his way to the second rope to taunt the fans even more. Roman climbs down off of the ropes and stretches against the ring ropes, preparing for the match at hand. He does some quick arm stretches and gets ready to face the opponent.

Normal/Ring Attire: Chris usually wears denim jeans and a tight t-shirt of some kind. (He is not gay though.)

Fighting Style: Cocky/Technical

Persona: He is cocky, thinks he is the best in the world and likes to prove it. Although he is a heel, he is not a coward though.

Signature Moves:
- Cradle Shock
- Pizza Cutter (Diamond Cutter)
- Roman Effect (Side Effect)

- Burning Rome (The Stroke)

Quote: N/A

Superstar History: Christopher J. Roman was born a single child on May 9th, 1982. He grew up and saw very little of his dad, he was a drug dealer. His mom, ironically enough, was a very addicted to meth and was in and out of rehabilitation centers for most of Chris young life. Chicago was his home, he saw it all and lived it all. That was until one night. Chris was thirteen years old and knew he should have a better life. So he stole twenty dollars from a shop and bought a train ticket to Lansing, Michigan.

Once he was there he had no idea what to do, so he went to a soup kitchen where he was "arrested" and taken to a foster home. He was only there for nine months before being adopted by Susie and Ronald Duncan. He lived a happy and normal life for many years with the wealthy family. Again, he had no brothers or sisters, but he did have two loving parents.

When he was eighteen he graduated high school and was accepted into the University of North Carolina. He played basketball for two years before tragically tearing his ACL and dropping out of school. With nobody to stop him he rerouted his life back to where he was destined to go. He was addicted to cocaine for almost eight months before figuring out that what he had fought for was more than drugs. So he took up a rehabilitation class and was off in three months. He then turned to a peculiar interest, wrestling. He had always been half interested, but he never intended to be a wrestler. But he loved sports and needed something a bit less tiring than basketball, so he took a class and flourished.

He started working for an indy promotion in Indiana. He won the World Championship on December 9, 1999, at age 21. He then competed, defending his title every night. He held on to the title for thirteen months before he lost to The Machine. He decided to take it up a notch and joined a professional wresting company known as SSL. He was sadly fired after three months.

Two years after getting of cocaine he joined a big time wrestling federation known as Xtreme United Wrestling. Soon after he signed with Project X Wrestling as well as about five other promotions throughout a six month period. But he always stayed with XWU and P:XW before XWU shutdown and P:XW shortly after. Discouraged by his now meaningless respect from fellow wrestlers, Chris took about two months off and moved out of Chicago to Redding, California. In early December he finally signed with the Blazenwing Wrestling Federation. His success in the other federations were worthless now, he would have to start all over, again.
After an impressive showing in the Elimination Chamber in January 2007, Chris Roman won the BWF United States Championship a month later from Rob Warren in the BWFs first ever, Pure Hatred match.

Title History:
- BWF United States Champion (1)
- px:w Television Champion (1)
- XWU Golden Arms Champion (1)