Name: Ravnos

Nickname: The Hardcore Icon

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 210 Lbs.

Classification: Cruiserweight

Alignment: Neutral

Entrance Music: "Pride" - Soil

Entrance: "Pride" by Soil begins to pulse out of the speakers of the BlazenTron. As the chorus hits, Ravnos comes running out the the back. He begins running back and forth on the stage, getting the crowd fired up, then he runs into the ring. After he enters, he turns towards the crowd and bounces off of the ropes, testing each set, then crouches in the center of the ring and taunts as the music fades.

Normal Attire: T-shirt and jeans, unless it's a formal occasion, then it's a full tux... but that's a VERY rare time indeed

Ring Attire: A black wrestling singlet with "Ravnos" on the left leg and "The Hardcore Icon" on the right

Fighting Style: Very Technical, but has a vicious streak that manifests often

Persona: Ravnos is truly the Hardcore Icon, and has been in almost every match type imaginable. Fearless, and very confident in his own abilities, Ravnos will try anything once.

Signature Moves:
- Chi-Town Hangover (Top-rope Flipping Legdrop)
- Demon Drop (Top-rope Piledriver onto a chair)
- Bloodrush V1 (Inverted Angle Slam)
- Spinal Tap (Spinning Spinebuster)

- Bloodrush V2 (Shellshock)
- Chicago Crossface (Chickenwing Crossface)

Quote: "The future is now!"

Superstar History: Ravnos grew up in Chicago, in a normal household, until his father left his family when he was six. He grew up raising his brother Erik while his mom worked two jobs, wrestling the whole time with Erik and JC, his closest friend. As the three boys grew up, they got into wreslting in school, but none were as dedicated to it, or as good at it, as Ravnos was. He went on to win state, as well as a single NCAA championship.

Besides wrestling during school, the boys were big backyard wrestlers, holding titles all over the city. Nobody was as insane, as tough, as those three...but alas, every good thing has to come to an end. While walking home from a show one day, Erik was stabbed in front of Ravnos, who could do nothing to help him. As Erik was dying, he made Ravnos promise to keep wrestling, to show the world that he could do something with himself.

Ravnos has yet to break his promise...he wrestled for several years in minor indy feds, before he got his big break in Pride and Honor wrestling. There, he won every major title, including a tag-title reign with JC himself. However...a split occured when JC was forced to leave for personal matters, and now Ravnos has tracked him down and would like to get some... answers.

Title History:
- PHW World Champion (1)
- PHW Pride Champion (1)
- PHW Hardcore Champion (11)
- BWF Tag Team Champion (1; w/ JC Ice)
- PHW Tag Team Champion (1; w/ JC Ice)