Jamal Mystic

Name: Jamal Mystic

Hometown: Watertown, Wisconsin

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 256 Lbs.

Classification: Heavyweight

Alignment: Face

Entrance Music: "You Can Run" (Billy Kidman's Theme)

Entrance: "You Can Run" hits the BlazenTron as Jamal Mystic charges onto the stage. He raises his right arm with a fist and puts it back down and starts to head down to the ring. Once he rolls into the ring, he gets up to a turnbuckle and lifts up his right arm with a fist and then he puts his arm down and drops on off and then awaits his opponent.

Normal Attire:
- Black Shirt
- Black Leather Vest
- Black Leather Pants
- Black Army Boots

Ring Attire:
- Black Vest
- Black Leather Pants
- Black Fingerless Gloves
- Black Army Boots

Fighting Style: Brawler

Persona: Jamal is a loveable face. He plays to the crowd, who treat him with the respect a BWF legend deserves. He might not get main-eventer face pops, but he still gets one of the best crowd reactions in the company.

Signature Moves:
- Dangerous Driver
- Full Nelson Slam
- Back Breaker

- Mystic Stunner (Stone Cold Stunner)
- Mystic Frog Splash

Quote: "Look ahead, behind or even to the side of you. The Mysterious Mystic is everywhere!"

Superstar History: Jamal Mystic came into the BWF with a street fighting background, something he learned in his hometown of Watertown, Wisconsin. Jamal was a part of the first-ever Havok main event, and although he lost, a star was born that night. After a string of losses, Jamal got his first win when he dethroned Storm Shadow for the BWF Hardcore Championship, indefinitely suspending the ninja warrior in the process. He would go on to team several times with Josh McKlick until one day, Josh inexplicably turned on his partner. Jamal vanished, but a new ring warrior - Apocalypse - appeared in his place. Apocalypse wallowed in the BWF undercard until Tainted Twilight 2004, when he cost Josh McKlick the BWF Championship, then went on to reveal his true identity of Jamal Mystic in a post-match attack! Since returning, Jamal has bested Josh in a pay-per-view encounter and then went on to defeat Spaz at Over the Edge 2004 to win the Hardcore Championship, the title that jump started his career way back in 2003.

Title History:
- BWF Hardcore Champion (3)