Timothy "Stench" Murphy

Name: Timothy Murphy

Nickname: Stench

Hometown: Kilronan, Ireland

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 288 Lbs.

Classification: Heavyweight

Alignment: Neutral

Entrance Music: "Boys From the County Hell" - The Pogues

Entrance: The lights dim and the flag of Ireland appears on the BlazenTron. The flag fades into clips from Tim's matches interspersed with the video for "Boys From The County Hell" by The Pogues as the song of the same name plays over the Tron. Orange and yellow lights then begin to flicker through a fog that has risen on stage. From the entrance, Timothy "Stench" Murphy rides in on the back of a silver American Ironhorse ~Outlaw~ Motorcycle. He glides down the ramp to a mix of cheers and hisses as he flips off the occasional heckler. When he gets to the ring, he circles it twice on the Cycle before parking it next to the announce table and pulling a Harp lauger out of the saddlebag. Tim then rolls under the ring ropes and stands in the middle of the ring. He faces the crowd and raises the beer in one hand, then he flips off the crowd with the other. He finishes his beer and tosses the empty can into the crowd as his music fades.

Normal/Ring Attire:
- Threadbare denim jeans
- Motorcycle Boots
- American Ironhorse T-shirt w/ the AIH logo and "Do Whatever It Takes" tagline
- Black Denim Jacket with the sleeves ripped out and a flag of Ireland safety-pinned on the back

Fighting Style: Brawler/Powerful

Persona: Tim is in the ring to fight, period. If the crowd is against him, he may flip them off. If he has their support, he will play to them a bit, mostly though, he ignores them. The main real way the crowd affects what he does is if they are pumped, either jeers or cheers, he will be pumped.

Signature Moves:
- Goodnight Irene (Sleeper Hold)
- Shileleigh Smash (Double Axe Handle Smash)
- Hitting the Sauce (Rising Spear into a Sidewalk Slam)
- The Celtic Cross (Crucifix Armbar)
- Sickle Hold (Inverted Indian Deathlock with Bridging Chinlock)

Finishers: - Bum's Rush (Running Tombstone Piledriver)
- Dropping the Bomb (Super Spinebuster Slam)

Quote: "Who's ready for a good fight!?!"

Superstar History: Tim was third born of five to a staunchly Catholic home in Belfast, Ireland. By the time he was 17, he had joined up with the Irish Republican Army where he was taught various martial techniques to use when combating Erin's British Oppressors. There he met and his first love, Katheryn Andrea Gilmore, an IRA supporter and journalism student at the University of Belfast. While on training missions with the Red Army of the former United Soviet Socialist Republics he picked up some basic Russian (mostly slang and curses) and met the man who would later become his first Tag Team Partner, Ivan Dragovitch, better known to BWF fans as Anarky.

Over the next several years, Tim and Katheryn fought and filmed side by side. Him fighting a war that seemed never ending and her reporting that war to a world that seemed not to care. After one maneuver outside of London, England failed in a particularly gruesome fashion, several of the team was captured and to ensure the safety of the remainder, the rest were "retired" to less prominent positions within the organization and scattered around Ireland. Katie wound up behind a camera in County Cork and Tim in Galway, where he wandered itinerant after he lost the job that his RA contact's had provided him with.

With no real skills other than fighting, Tim turned to the unskilled labor market, occasionally competing in pit fights and underground competitions to help make ends meet. When Liberty Wrestling Federation passed through Ireland on its European Tour Katie Gilmore was one of the "Locals" hired to help man the cameras. She made no contacts with that Federation but when she heard that a small indy fed, the Blazenwing Wrestling Federation, was hiring, she contacted the owner, David Blazenwing, and Tim Murphy and arranged for them to meet.

Tim made his BWF debut on the first edition of Havok, where he lost a Triple-Threat Match also involving Ricky Daniels and Jamal Mystic. After losing to Daniels again the following week in a tournament match for the BWF Championship, Tim challenged Daniels to one more fight… an Inferno Match! The match was held on the third Havok and saw Murphy victorious. The following week, Tim arrived at Havok in spectacular fashion by rigging explosives to collapse the BlazenTron on a tag team calling themselves the Power Rangers, permanently crippling one and putting the other on the injured list for several months (the Green Ranger, who would later become The Big O).

During his time in BWF, Tim, along with his old friend Anarky, won the BWF Tag Team Championships (the first-ever holders!), though those titles were soon retired due to lack of teams in the company. Later, after Anarky left the company, Tim picked up the BWF Championship in a hard-fought battle against Ghost.

After losing the title a month later to Brian Fenris at the 2003 Gauntlet Run, Tim suffered an ankle injury and decided that he had had enough. Since he had made a few contacts outside of BWF through the stable of Sex & Violence, he decided to try his luck elsewhere. He joined the roster of High Impact Competition to fight alongside S & V founder Nightmare. After HiC closed it's doors, Tim wandered a bit, coming back to BWF briefly as the General Manager of Mayhem and, after that ended, he renewed a rivalry with Scott Nash Strader that had started in HiC.

Many BWF fans never expected to see Tim Murphy wrestling in a BWF ring again, but their wildest dreams came true on February 15, 2005, when during a Sex & Violence (David Blazenwing and Bam) vs. The X-ecutionists tag match (which X no-showed), Murphy suddenly speared at ringside with a button in his hands! He pressed the button, which electrified the ropes, taking Bam out. The match became Blazenwing vs. Executioner, which The Executioner won.

The stage was set for a Triple-Threat Match at BWF Verbal Warfare between the three individuals, but first, Murphy would have to do battle with David Blazenwing on Havok. Murphy blocked a Full Effect superkick, then went on moments later to hit the Bum’s Rush and pin the former BWF Owner!

We then came to the PPV. Blazenwing left mid-match, leaving Executioner and Murphy to themselves. The ref went down and suddenly, Ghost appeared at ringside and started attacking Executioner, siding with Murphy! Blazenwing then returned and shocked everyone by saving Executioner, which led to him getting the pinfall over Tim a short time after. Tim came back from defeat, though, and after forming Team Supreme with the Krymson Dragons and the Brothers Grimm, he teamed with Ghost at Danger Zone to win the Tag Team Turmoil Match for the vacant Tag Team Championships! After Ghost turned on Tim and joined A.K.C., Tim went another way, beating "Ice" Hensley for the Hardcore Championship on the July 18, 2005 edition of Havok!

Title History:
- BWF Champion (1)
- BWF Hardcore Champion (1)
- BWF Tag Team Champion (2; 1 w/ Anarky, 1 w/ Ghost)