The Legend

Name: Anthony Johns

Nickname: The Legend

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 245 Lbs.

Classification: Heavyweight

Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music: "Praise" by Thirty Stones

Entrance: The lights dim and a lone spotlight shines on the entrance. The speakers start to play a cover of “Praise” by Thirty Stones. There is no sign of The Legend, but fireworks go off of the left and right side of the Blazentron. Golden fireworks light up the arena as the fireworks fall from the middle of the BlazenTron during the music before the lyrics. The music goes on for about thirty seconds, and then the lyrics come on.

'What did you expect?
Fools often sometimes forget
Who really knows what’s the truth
Often dignified
How funny changing the tide
Feels like you already knew'

During the lyrics to the song, The Legend walks out on the entrance ramp. He walks with a purpose, and looks towards the ground. His robe is a hooded chain linked one and colored red, gold, and black and Amber walks and stands to the right of The Legend, not to interfere in his aura. Golden fireworks start to fall from the middle of the Blazentron, and the golden fireworks in the middle hit the crown of The Legend’s head, as he looks to the ground. The Legend just stands there looking down at the ground. The music starts to pick up a little more and The Legend snaps his head up to look towards the ring.

'(Praise) like the devil
(Connect) you would never
(Sick Man) running circles
Feels like you already knew

(Praise) like the devil
(Connect) you would never
(Sick Man) running circles
Feels like you already knew'

The Legend laughs and talks to the crowd, mumbling something to the fans that do not recognize his greatness. The Legend starts to walk down the ramp, still has his hood up, and Amber follows closely, but with that distance needed not to disturb The Legend. The Legend stands right before the ring, and looks to the left of him, and to the right of him. Fans cheer and boo him loudly, but The Legend seems unfazed by it.

'Save you
I would never
Deny you
Even though your hate for me is strong'

The Legend walks toward the steel steps, and Amber is following right behind him. Amber talks to The Legend, getting him ready for his match. The Legend nods with approval. The Legend at this moment walks up the steel steps real slowly, ominous like. He takes each step one at a time, making sure he gets it through the crowd’s head that he is the greatest wrestler in BWF history.

'(See) I'm not one to
(Think) I'm the one who'll
(Be) what you never
Thought would be nothin' and now'

The Legend stands on the steel steps for a while, and concentrates on his match. The Legend is now on the apron facing the Blazentron. The light dim a little more, and a spotlight shines on The Legend. The Legend holds his head down, and awaits his queue.

And now you realize
Always you lived in a dream
How would it feel if you could
See past the lies
Oblivious to all of my cries
No help when I knew you could!'

After the word “eyes”, The Legend leans back, his back bouncing off the ropes, holding his arms out perpendicular to his body, almost like Raven. The Legend jerks his head back so hard the hood falls off his head, and the camera gets closer to The Legend’s face, that evil smirk still on his face. The Legend then gets in the ring, and goes to the turnbuckle. He stands on it a bit and throws his robe to Amber. He thusly sits in the corner awaiting the bell to ring as his music fades out.

Normal/Ring Attire: His ring attire is black elbow pads and black taped gloves (On the left taped wrist going down it vertically it says “Legend” in white lettering and on the other wrist the word “Requiem” is going down them vertically) with black spat shorts, with a gold and red tribal design on both sides of the shorts, and the word “Deus” on the butt of the pants in somewhat of a tribal design. His entrance attire is a hooded chain mail robe, with the chains painted a black, red, and gold color. The Legend usually has the chains hanging past his hands and the hooded part of the chains coming over his eyes. The Legend has been known for his unique style and his impressive dress manner. He also can be seen wearing custom made shirts, his favorite being “I Love The Legend” and. He usually has a pair of ripped jeans with these and a pair of his custom shades.

Fighting Style: Hybrid/Power

Persona: The Legend is the cockiest man you will ever meet in your life. He thinks he is the best and will prove it with his words and his in ring ability.

Signature Moves:
- Ball Breaker (Elevated Walls Of Jericho. As The Legend bends him for the Walls, and he places his knee in their back for added pressure)
- Everything Evil (Katahajime. The Legend applies this rough, as this was the first submission he ever learned, and he has more or less mastered the move)
- Tragedy Clutch (Camel Clutch. The Legend takes his forearm and slams it into the opponent’s throat while they are prone on the mat before finalizing the Camel Clutch)
- Legend Special ’77 (The Legend grabs his opponent from behind in an elevated double chickenwing. The Legend then arches his back in a quick motion, slamming the opponent’s neck into the mat, sometimes keeping the arms locked for the pinfall)

- The Requiem (The Legend places the opponent on his shoulders. He then swings them out in front of him, like an F-5, but he then catches them at his side, their head facing down and towards the front of The Legend. The Legend drops them on their neck, and he then lies on their neck for a bit. This is all done very quickly and is one fluid motion.)
- Burning Messiah (The Legend puts his opponent into a powerbomb position and then lifts the opponent up for a powerbomb. However, The Legend holds the opponent over his right shoulder and flips him into a modified cutter. The Legend does this quickly and when he sees the opportunity is fitting.)

Quote: "The world shall witness YOUR requiem."

Superstar History: The Legend has grown in wealth in his 28 years of life. He has done more things that most people have dreamed to do. The Legend once wrestled in a small organization, but they folded, and The Legend decided to make his way to the BWF to show the world that The Legend is no joke and that The Legend will become a BWF Hall of Famer in due time.

Upon entering BWF, Legend lost his first match against another BWF rookie, Kimek. This infuriated The Legend to the point that he became obsessed with facing Kimek again. David Blazenwing then made Legend a challenge... if he could go an entire month without losing a match, he would get his rematch. But if he lost just one match... he would NEVER face Kimek again in a BWF ring! Legend accepted and made it all the way, defeating Tim Murphy via forfeit in the last match at Vertigo 2005 to capture the Hardcore Championship AND his future shot at Kimek!

The Legend battled for his Hardcore title over the months leading up to his Triple-Tier Cage Match against Kimek at Over the Edge. He defeated Brandon Beatdown in an extremely one-sided contest at Retribution, then lost the Hardcore title for the last time to Brian Cade shortly before the PPV. Legend entered OTE and waged war in an epic confrontation against Kimek, but in the end, it was interference from Havok's Captain Marticus that would swing the tides in Legend's favor enough for him to win the match.

With Kimek out of the way, The Legend was finally free to set his sights on the one thing he wanted more than revenge... the World Heavyweight Championship. Legend spent the month of October battling the likes of Rob Torborg, Mark McNasty and more, all to set himself in line for a shot at the gold. He did so and joined Adriana Garcia, Bam, McNasty and World Champion Torborg in the first-ever Brutal Breakthrough Match, which saw The Legend resort to a chair shot off the top of a ladder on Torborg, leading to the final elimination and The Legend's capture of the World Heavyweight Championship!

The Legend got what he wanted, and it was not time to rub it in everyone’s faces the only way he knows how… The Legend way. He showed the likes of Mark McNasty and countless others how to be a Legend, until a former friend and now long time foe Captain Marticus wanted a shot at what Legend had. It was WrestleFest III when Captain Marticus took Legend’s World Heavyweight Championship, pinning Mark McNasty, and ending Legend’s 62 day reign, one day short of beating the record.

But Legend was not done there. He wanted revenge on who he thought screwed him out of the World Heavyweight Championship; Chamelion, the special guest referee for the match. The two finally faced off at Broken Resolutions, Legend ready to end the epic undefeated streak of Chamelion’s. Unfortunately, he lost that match, but his momentum never left him.

Happenstance proved to be a defining moment in Legend’s career, defeating David Blazenwing in an Ultimate Submission match, after taunting David with kidnapping his wife and torturing her in his own home. An old rival, Brandon Beatdown, attacked Legend after his match with David, thusly sparking the new team of The Legend and Mike Adams – Requiem Ablaze – to take on Brandon Beatdown and Kirlia Gardevoir. Legend wrote the ending to Brandon’s career as he hit a Requiem to him on a trashcan with Kirlia in it! This put Requiem Ablaze on notice, as the next week on Havok, they faced the tag team champions Randall Moran and Phoenix. Requiem Ablaze rose to the heights of champion material, etching them in history as dominant tag champions.

However, their reign would end short as David Blazenwing and Captain Marticus would end their 20 day reign at Tainted Twilight in a TLC match. Even though Requiem Ablaze lost, they still dominated most of the match, only to lose with the interference of Ghost (who was never seen again).

This, however, sparked a feud of the century between The Legend and The Executioner. The Legend challenged Exie to a match at WrestleFest IV, saying he would “end his beloved streak”. Exie accepted, and continued to tease Legend, even calling commentary on the aforementioned TLC match. Legend, however, had plans for Exie… and the world.

Rolling around was Beta Test 2006. The Legend’s debut event. He vowed he would not lose, to Eliminator or anyone else. Eliminator, however, vacated the championship, leaving The Legend and Mark McNasty to face off in the main event for the – then – BWF Heavyweight Championship. Earlier in the night, however, The Legend would announce he was the new president of the BWF, and he thusly fired David Blazenwing, his rival. Legend was then set on beating Mark for the championship. However, a then fired Exie came out and announced he was the special referee in the match, much to the dismay to Legend. The Legend had the match won, but due to interference by David Blazenwing, Mark McNasty walked out of Beta Test the champion.

What is in store for Legend? LWA folded soon after he took control, and the rumors are now swirling that he is set to return to the place he made his name... BWF. Will it happen? Stay tuned...

Title History:
- BWF Champion (1)
- BWF World Heavyweight Champion (1)
- BWF Hardcore Champion (3)
- BWF Tag Team Champion (1; w/ Mike Adams)
- px:w Television Champion (1)
- DWA Tag Team Champion (1; w/ Mike Adams)