Join the BWF!

Here is what you need to fill out to join the BWF. Open a new mail document, copy and paste this info, fill this out, and send it to me at [email protected] or private message a completed application to Commish' Clark (username: codyclark) on the forums. Thanks. Also throw one at [email protected] or PM it to Co-Owner Gabe Shelley (username: maddogg) or Chief of Staff Ms. Taylor (username: beauty)







Classification: (Heavyweight or Cruiserweight? Cruiserweight is anything under 230 pounds, Heavyweight is anything 231 and over.)

Alignment: (Face (Good guy), Heel (Bad guy) or Neutral (either/or)? It's up to you. Also, you can change your alignment anytime.)

Entrance Music:

Entrance: (What happens when you enter the ring. Be very descriptive, because what you put here will be basically copied and pasted for use in matches on shows.)

Normal/Ring Attire: (Normal attire is what your wrestler wears backstage, during interviews, etc. Ring attire is what your wrestler wears when wrestling. Detailed descriptions please.)

Fighting Style: (Submission? Brawler? Daredevil? What style are you?)

Persona: (How your wrestler acts towards the opponent/crowd/etc.)

Signature Moves: (Every one can do the basic suplex, DDT, etc., but you do these moves better than anyone. These moves aren't typically powerful enough to finish off an opponent, but they are signature moves, that when people see them done, they think of you. At least 3-4 (3 minimum) should do just fine.)

Finishers: (Moves used to finish the match, hence the name. 2 finishers is the preferred minimum (with at least ONE impact finisher, i.e. Stunner, Rock Bottom, etc.), 3 at the absolute most. And please avoid using the Canadian Destroyer or the Tombstone Piledriver... we have enough people using those in the fed already.)

Quote: (The equivalent of The Rock's "If you smell what the Rock is cookin'!" Be original.)

Superstar History: (What did your wrestler do before coming to BWF? And be realistic as well... don't tell us you were a WWI veteran when your character is only 25 years old. NOTE: Superstar History and Title History are NOT the same thing. Tell us a story with your superstar history.)

Title History: (Have you ever held a Championship title? Tell us all about your titles here, and only REAL titles you have actually held in another e-fed. Don't make any up to make you sound better than you really are. Believe me, we'll know when you roleplay.)

Sample Roleplay: (Necessary for induction into the fed. You can write a brand-new rp just for this or post a previous rp from another fed. I'm not picky. Note that this does determine if you get into the fed... I'd like to know what my talent is capable of before signing them.)

How did you find out about BWF?: (Just wondering... I want to know so I know what works as far as advertising the fed goes.)

Face: (Last one... who does your wrestler look like? Take a WWE superstar pic or something, but you can't have the same one someone else has. Basically, first come, first serve. Also, it must be a color pic, and finally, once you show up on television, you can no longer change your picture, so make sure it's someone you want, because you'll (hopefully) be roleplaying in BWF with this face for a long time.)