Jen Corlen

Name: Jen Corlen

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 140 Lbs.

Classification: Cruiserweight

Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music: “Liar" - Fireflight

Entrance Description: “Liar” by Fireflight hits the BlazenTron as the lights in the arena fade to a purple hue. A lone spotlight hits the stage, revealing a woman with her back to the crowd. She slowly turns and reveals herself as Jen Corlen before smirking evilly and beginning her walk towards the ring. The crowd boos loudly as she shakes her head, muttering to herself before rolling into the ring. She heads to the corner and leans into the turnbuckles as the music fades.

Normal/Ring Attire:
- Low-cut Baby Tee
- Bell-bottomed Black Khakis
- Sandals, Matches Color of Shirt

Fighting Style: Balanced w/ Some Daredevil Moves

Persona: Jen loves the rush she gets from performing in front of a crowd, love her or hate her. She actually seems to get off on pain as well... which means she can take a LOT of punishment before going down, despite her smaller stature. Remember, the smallest dog in the fight is usually the toughest...

Signature Moves:
- Corlen Crusher (X-Factor)
- Fade to Black (Spinning Tornado DDT)
- Cat Scratch Fever (Kick Rush into an Asai DDT)

- Blaze of Glory (Molly-Go-Round)
- Spin Cycle (Edge-O-Matic Pin)

Quote: "Don't make me fire you.”

Superstar History: Dating back to before he started his wrestling career, Jen and David Blazenwing had been dating since around June of 2000. In late 2003, the two got married in a private ceremony and began to run the BWF together. Jen attempted a career as a wrestler, but soon put all dreams of Championship glory aside when she became pregnant. David still granted her the position of BWF Chief Executive Officer - C.E.O.

On December 31, 2004 at WrestleFest II, Jen finally went into labor and soon after, gave birth to the Blazenwing's first child, a girl named Melody. A few months later, after over a year out of action, Jen got back into shape and joined AWE to pick up right where she left off... in the Championship hunt!

She started off originally in AWE as the “Gothic Queen”, and remained undefeated until the Number One Rumble for the vacant AWE Championship, where she was the last superstar eliminated. Convinced that she needed to make a change now, Jen dropped the gothic gimmick and decided to just be herself, hoping that her natural charisma would get her where she wanted to go in the federation.

She battled Damon Harrison for the AWE Championship and lost a close match, then refocused herself, culminating in her capturing the vacant AWE Champion's Choice Championship at Death Before Dishonor. Jen then christened the title the "People's Championship", and held it until AWE folded a month later.

Title History:
- AWE People's Champion (1; retired the belt)