JC Ice

Name: Justyn Clark

Nickname: JC, JC Ice

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 235 Lbs.

Classification: Heavyweight

Alignment: Tweener

Entrance Music: "Redneck" - Lamb of God

Entrance: The lights in the arena dim down and "Redneck" by Lamb of God strikes over the BlazenTron. Two spotlights, one green and one blue, begin to comb through the crowd.

So God damn easy to write this
you make it spill on the page
So drunk on yourself, self-righteous
A laughing stock of your own fucking stage

Oh but I ain't going to call names
Or throw stones in a house of glass
You try me

The cameras now focus to show JC walking from backstage, his hands in a crucifix taunt as the fans cheer him on.

This is a motherfuckin' invitation
The only one you could ever need
This is a motherfuckin' invitation
You try me

Just one time you got a reason
But you had nothing to lose
A bad preacher for the pin-eyed congregation
It must be easy to loathe

JC makes his way down the ramp, exchanging words with some of the audience members. When he finally reaches the ring, he wipes his boots off on the steps, and then steps into the ring.

Oh but I ain't going to call names
Or throw stones in a house of glass
You try me

This is a motherfuckin' invitation
The only one you could ever need
This is a motherfuckin' invitation
You try me

JC walks over to the corner located to the left of the announcers table when you're sitting at it, where he climbs to the second rope to pose another crucifix taunt, making camera flashes light up the arena.

You can tell the same lie a thousand times
But it never gets any more true
So close your eyes once more and once more believe
That they all still believe in you

Just one time
This is a motherfuckin' invitation
The only one you could ever need
This is a motherfuckin' invitation
Just one time

JC walks over to the opposite corner and sits down. He places his arms on the middle rope, as if using them as arm rests, he than clears his hair out of his face and awaits his opponent with a disgruntled look on his face.

Normal Attire:
- Cut off blue jean shorts
- WWII issue army boots
- Black T-shirt (usually for Lamb of God or Pantera)

Ring Attire:
- A red kilt
- Black knee high boots
- Black knee pads
- White hand tape
- Black elbow pads

Fighting Style: Mat Based/Ground and Pound with a pinch of high risk

Persona: While being a heel, JC still seems to be a fan favorite. He may not be feared or liked in the locker room, but you better believe that he's respected.

Signature Moves:
- Stungun (Gunn Stinger)
- Y.B.F. [You've Been F**ked] (Widowmaker)
- Spin Cycle (Release German Suplex)
- Rebirth (Throw opponent into the corner chest first, than run off the ropes to deliver a clothesline from hell on their exposed chest/neck)
- Plastic Surgery (Drop Toe Hold onto a chair)
- Lethal Injection (Angel's Wings)
- Terror and Hubris (Indian Deathlock/Cattle Mutilation combo)

- The Inquisition (The Last Rights)
- The Faded Line (Evenflow DDT - Desperation)

Quote: "Will you be ready?"

Superstar History: Born in Chicago, Illinois to mother Maria Clark and father James Donovan, JC Ice was left on the doorstep of an orphanage. As he grew older, this became his permanent family and to this day, if you ask him, he is son to Julie Ravnos, and brother of Joey and Erik Ravnos. The three brothers were very close, but at the age of ten, Erik was stabbed in an alleyway for not handing over his wallet. JC and Joey turned their loss and rage into violence, jumping kids in the alleys and committing countless crimes. But on one fateful day, they were introduced to wrestling.

The two started backyard wrestling at the ages of eleven and twelve, tuning their wrestling talents to the most extreme anyone had ever seen. After being on countless nationwide backyard wrestling videos, JC went on to become a high school wrestling teacher outside of Chicago and wrestled for independent federations that came to town from time to time. After seeing his brother Joey on Pride and Honor Wrestling, JC decided to make his pro debut. The two brothers reunited and dominated the tag team division, starting one of the biggest feuds in PHW history between The Divine Order, their team name, and The Coven.

The Divine Order eventually won the feud and the hard fought victory provided JC with his first pro-fed championship, the PHW Tag Team Titles. Shortly thereafter, JC's girlfriend came with child, causing JC to enter an early retirement that sat sourly with Joey. Joey would go on to be the first and only Pride and Honor Wrestling Grand Slam Champion, but to this day, JC still seeks out a match against his brother to show once and for all, who the dominant brother really is and finally honor the memory of their fallen brother Erik as well.

After being in retirement for nearly two years, JC recieved a letter from David Blazenwing asking him to wrestle at a federation based out of Wisconsin named Revolution X Wrestling. JC packed up and left his poor situation to see what he still had left. In JC's singles match in RXW, he facecd his brother Joey in what many still call "The match that defined RXW". After brutally driving his brother through a flaming table covered in thumbtacks JC continued his path of destruction by dethroning the longest reigning U.S. Champion in BWF history in "Mad Dogg" Gabe Shelley.

In RXW he has had a nearly blemish free career. Sitting on what was becoming a clear path for the longest reigning title hold was what JC aspired for the most. . .When RXW suddenly shut down. Now that BWF has come back, JC has one goal in mind. The one thing that will make him a legend. Holding the record for longest title reign on every title in the federation.

Title History:
- RXW United States Champion (1)
- BWF Tag Team Champion (1; w/ Ravnos)
- PHW Tag Team Champion (1; w/ Ravnos)