Hearts on Fire 2007

American Airlines Arena - Miami, Florida (February 25, 2007)

BWF is live in the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Flordia for this year's Hearts on Fire pay per view. The main event of the show is the BWF Championship where Legend will defend against Cody Clark. Also for the first time BWF will see a "Pure Hatred" Match.

The scene cuts to the outside of the arena, the camera panned around for a few moments and then turned to zoom in on a white van, on top stood Spencer Bayne and two other men, both were holding guitars, Spencer introduced them as Justin Sane and Chris Head, the two members of the political Punk-rock band Anti-Flag, Spencer began to throw up a large speech, getting the crowd riled up, the two members of Anti-flag began to play one of they’re hit songs “Protest Song”, the crowd began to sing along too. Spencer hopped off the bus and began to march up to the Arena doorways, with little resistance, he made his way into the Arena with the legion of Fans and the two band members, marching right towards the ring.

The night started off with 2 new faces to the BWF and 2 people just coming off a bout a few weeks ago. Johnny Danger, Spencer Bayne, Johnny Ryken, and Jason Gatti fought in a bout that saw all four men going non stop around the ring. Johnny Ryken and Spencer "The Spark" Bayne each began to tear each other apart in the ring. Danger tried to land a few punches on Gatti but was hit with a Insanitys Embrace (Superkick) from Ryken which sent him over the top rope. Gatti was then able to land a German suplex on Bayne who then rolled out of the ring. Ryken and Gatti then locked up in the middle of the ring and each tried to bring each other to the mat. Gatti hit an arm drag but was caught with a hard clothesline from Ryken. Danger came in the ring but was sent right back over the top with a toss, which made him land right on top of Bayne. However, Bayne caught him and ran him into the steel post. Gatti locked Ryken in a sleeper and the ref started to count the 3 fall. On 2, Bayne broke up the hold and began to stomp on both Ryken and Gatti. The matched turned however when Bayne went up top and landed a 450 splash on Gatti. Bayne started to jump around in shock that he landed it and took a little too long. He turned and walked right into a Enders Dream (Canadian Destroyer) from Ryken. Danger entered the ring and recieved one as well. Ryken covered and got the win in his first match, in his hometown!

Rykens victory was ruined when the lights went out and the much speculated debut of Markus Mekhet took place. When the lights came back on, Ryken was standing face to face with the Shadow of a Man. Markus spit what looked like blood into Rykens eyes, making a statement to him and the BWF.

The camera then shifted backstage, where BWF interviewer Don McMichael caught up with a distraught looking Katie Starr leaving with her bags. When questioned, Starr told Don that she was sick of BWF, sick of being overlooked and underutilized, and if they couldn't even appreciate her talents enough to put her on the pay-per-view, then BWF really didn't need her... and she really didn't need them. When Don asked "So what you're saying is...", Katie snapped back with "What I'm saying is... I QUIT!" Starr then grabbed her bags and quickly left the building as the fans at ringside started singing "na na na na, hey hey, goodbye".

Back in the ring we saw the return of two former BWF teams. From the Kindred, Chamelion and Sirus Moran took on the returning Aaron and Reggie Aberdean. The Kindred showed that even though it's been a while, they hadn't missed a step. The vererns showed the Aberdean Boys why they are considered amongst the best in BWF history. Aberdean may have been faster and able to tag in and out often but the Moran member, Sirus, landed a few headbuts on Aaron and tossed him into the corner, where Chamelion was able to start working on the body. Reggie tried to get involved but was hit with a running spear from Sirus. Aaron however was able to reverse a chinlock from Chamelion and hit a reverse ddt in the middle of the ring. Making a hot tag to Reggie, Chamelion was hit with a Code Red (Five Star Frog Splash)! Sirus then entered the ring and was hit with one Hot Streak (Multiple Suplexes) from Reggie. Chamelion then recieved one as well. Then Reggie then landed one more on Sirus and tried to cover. The ref would not however stating that Chamelion was the legal man. Aaron got into the face of the ref and got a Sweet Sound of Success (Superkick) from Chamelion for doing so! Sirus then covered for the 3 and the victory!

Going backstage, Toshi Yang interviewed the BWF Champion, Legend. Legend stated that this match is now more than just a championship. It was about blood. He vowed to send Clark back to the mid card with the likes of Galle and Warren. He promised to bury him in a Legend t-shirt so Clark would always know that Legend>You.

Down the hall Mad Dogg walked into his ex, Alli Taylor. He asked her why she was backstage. She stated that she has some business to take care of and to make sure he watched a screen all night. He then was approached by Jason Jones who said he just wanted to talk. Jones told him that a few weeks ago it wasn't him that attacked him in the locker room. He had just showed up when MDogg had came out. MDogg looked at him and turned away.

The match between The Executioner and Rob Torborg was one that went back and forth. Torborg got control of the match after he caught Exie off guard with a huge clothesline. Exie started to fight his way back toward the end of the match and ended up hitting The Judgment (Stalling vertical suplex, shifted into a sitdown inverted piledriver), only for Torborg to kick out at a count of 2. Stressed out, Exie picks Torborg up and locks in a sleeper hold. The ref goes to check on Torborg, who looked like he was just about out of it. When the ref got close, Torborg takes a swing at Exie and hits the ref square in the mouth by accident, knocking him down. Thinking he did it on purpose, the ref had no choice but to DQ Torborg and hand the victory to The Executioner.

The Executioner is slowly standing up to his feet after the match as the crowd is going nuts and yelling at Exie but as Exie thinks its from his match he soon finds out that it’s not as he turns only to be PWNED!!!!!!!!!(Point-Blank Spear) by the “Cool Factor” Casey Campbell. Casey then starts stomping on the Executioner but then “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva hits as “Grade A” Alex Wilkie comes running down from the entrance with a steel chair in his hand. Wilkie slides into the ring as he quickly stands him and Casey are at a stand off now staring eye to eye with Wilkie still holding that chair, Wilkie goes to swing at Casey but then shoots over him nailing Rob Torborg who was coming up from behind! Alex Wilkie then turns and meets another chair shot across The Executioners head! He then turns towards Casey then drops the chair as both of them shake hands. Alex Wilkie and Casey Campbell go to separate ends of the ring and stand up on the turnbuckles while holding their hands high as “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva hits once again the crowd doesn’t know how to react to what they have just witnessed.

In the next match, America's Most Hated was set to take on the returning Outlaw and his partner Mad Dogg, The NSiderZ. With AMH in the ring, the NSiderZ made their way to the ring with the roar of the crowd. Mad Dogg was approached again by Jones. Outlaw got in the face of Jones who was then face to face with Reilly. Mad Dogg started to yell something at Outlaw. Outlaw then pushed Mad Dogg across the ring. MDogg walked up to his partner and shoved back. Jones stood between the men and Reilly pulled him back. Outlaw started to lift MDogg for a Death Warrent (FU) but MDogg landed on his feet. MDogg landed a Junk Yard Jam (Pedigree) and let Jones pin Outlaw.

Next up was the contest to determin the next challenger to the BWF Championship. The Divine Orders, JC Ice went head to head with the Iconoclasts, Cody Galle and former LWA Heavyweight Champion, Eden Turner. The match was back and forth but we saw a lot of JC Ice and Eden Turner double teaming Cody Galle. Galle went for a headscissors at one point on Ice but Ice held him high in the air in powerbomb position as Eden Turner came off the top rope with a flying cross body, to complete the powerbomb and double team. But right after that, JC tossed Eden over the top rope to the floor and all bets were off. Eden re-entered later, as JC was brawling with Galle and nailed Ice with an inverted ddt. This gave Galle the opening he was looking for, he tried to shoot Turner into the corner but she leaped to the top rope and hit the Gambler with a flying reverse elbow. Galle stumbled over and got the Inquisition from JC Ice! Ice then told Turner to climb to the top rope and she did, hitting Galle with the Carribean Sunset! Turner went to pin but when she did. Ice got her up and nailed her with the Inquisition before pinning Galle for the victory!

The cage lowered and it was time for the second match between AJ Donavon and Nick Toretto for the Primetime Championship. This match prevents any outside interfearence from The Iconoclast or Eden Turner. Donavon and Toretto started of the match quickly, with Donavon shooting off the ropes and nailing Toretto with a big dropkick. Donavon then performed various quick moves, keeping the pace fast. Toretto was able to mount a comeback after a big suplex into a laying front facelock. Donavon started to fade so Toretto broke the hold and stomped on the back of Donavons head. He got Donavon up and shot him into the cage head first on one side of the ring, then on the opposite. He took Donavon and smacked his head on a third side of the ring. He then went for the fourth side of the cage but Donavon was able to springboard off the second rope and caught Donavon in a reverse ddt. He jumped and hit Toretto with a giant reverse ddt. The crowd boo’d Donavon for hitting this move but he didn’t care. He quickly covered Toretto but the champ kicked out at two. Donavon was back in the drivers seat of this match shooting Toretto into the ropes and hitting him with a clothesline. Toretto got right back up and Donavon took him down with a wheel kick. Toretto got up one more time and Donavon tried to hit another wheel kick but Toretto caught him and turned it into a giant kneeling powerbomb! Toretto covered but Donavon kicked out at two. Toretto dropped Donavon with a spinebuster and then locked in a figure four on Donavon. Donavon screamed in pain as Toretto wrenched the move but Donavon was able to turn the move over and reverse the pressure. Toretto broke the hold and stood back up. Toretto shot Donavon into the corner but Donavon jumped up to the top rope and began to climb over the top of the cage! Toretto quickly ran up and climbed to the top rope. He positioned himself under Donavon and went for a powerbomb from the top of the cage. Toretto tried for the move but Donavon countered with head scissors from the top of the cage! Toretto hit the mat with a thud and was down and out while Donavon recovered. Donavon slowly crawled towards the door, trying to leave but Toretto was able to get up and grab Donavons leg. Donavon, stood up, one legged and went for an enziguri but Toretto ducked it and applied an ankle lock to the challenger! Donavon screamed in pain, as his leg was already in pain from the figure four leg lock! Donavon was able to roll through and send Toretto face first into the cage. He then made his way over to the opposite wall of the cage and started to climb. Toretto was able to get up on the third rope with Donavon and he hit him with a couple of forearm shots, but Donavon slapped the champion. This put Toretto back to back with Donavon. Toretto then positioned himself and was able to come off the third rope with the Vendetta to AJ Donavon! Donavon hit the mat with a thud and Toretto was able to pin for the victory.

After the cage was raised, the Havok theme played and out walked Alli Taylor. She told the fans that as part of her release of wrestling contract, she had been named Chief of Staff of the BWF! She also was given the job to decide a new Commish and by the end of the night, we would know who it was!

In a pre-taped match we saw the first Pure Hatred match for the United States Championship. Rob Warren was shown walking into the arena with the belt over his shoulder. Chris Roman attacked Warren from behind with a chair and that began Roman dominating the contest. The two battled backstage and spilled into the main arena, which was empty. Roman was able to hit Warren with a big trash can shot, followed by a scoop slam onto some seats! Roman dragged Warren down the steps and went for a piledriver but Warren back dropped Roman down the stairs! Roman hit with a thud and nearly broke his back! Roman crawled down the steps as Warren brought a garbage can down the steps with him. Warren utilized the trash can, hitting Roman in the head before throwing him over the guard rail, now being at the ringside area. Warren went under the ring and pulled out a bundle of light tubes. He layed the tubes across the ring apron onto the guard rail, as a bridge of sorts. Roman ran at Warren and was launched up but Roman landed on the ring apron. Warren got up on the apron and Roman caught him and nailed the Roman Effect off the apron, sending Warren through the bundle of light tubes! From there, Roman had the upper hand. Taking Warren up the ramp and dropping him with a scoop slam on the ramp way. The two then fought to the backstage area where Warren was able to come back and hit Roman with a piledriver onto the concrete. Roman then took a big chair shot to the head and Warren went for the Chokebreaker but Roman hand his hands on a kendo stick and was able to hit Warren and stop the move. Roman went nuts, hitting Warren with shot after shot with a kendo stick before Warren pulled something out of his pocket and throwing powder in Romans face. Roman staggered around and Warren hit him with a drop toe hold, causing Roman to hit his face off of an anvil case. Warren found more light tubes and smashed one over Romans head. Roman staggered around and stood in front of a window to an office area. Warren charged at Roman and speared him through the window! Both men lay in the broken glass. Roman was down and Warren got him back up, he went for the Chokebreaker again but Roman nailed Warren with the Burning Rome, smacking Warrens head off the desk in the office! Warrens face hit it hard and Roman immediately followed it up with a death valley driver through the desk! Roman then covered Warren for the win, and championship!

In our main event of the evening, we saw arch rivals Cody Clark and the Legend go one on one in a street fight for Legends BWF Championship. With both men sporting inch thick casts, this match got quite brutal, quite fast. Clark was the first to make use of the cast, after shooting off the ropes and hitting the champ with a flying forearm. This gave Legend a small cut on his forehead, which Clark exploited with stomps and forearm shots. The tide turned when Legend caught Clark in the jaw with a cast-forearm that sent the challenger tumbling backwards. Legend used that same arm to clothesline Clark over the top rope to the floor, but obviously using that cast many times is starting to hurt Legends arm. On the outside, Legend whipped Clark into the ring post back first. Legend then spotted a weakness, Clarks back and began to work on it. He picked Clark up with a rib breaker and dropped him across the guard rail. Clark rithed in pain as Legend started to get out the weapons. He searched under the ring and revealed a solid steel chair to everyone. The crowd roared and Legend went to smack Clark with the chair but Clark was standing on the guard rail! He leaped off and kicked the chair back into Legends face, taking the champion down. Legend was bleeding even more now and Clark was the shark in the water. He slid the champion back into the ring and then got a table out from under the ring. He put the table in the ring and then pulled out a ladder! Much to the delight of the fans! He set the 40 ladder up on the outside of the ring and then got back in, where Legend met him with a cast shot to the throat! Clark stumbled around the ring until Legend grabbed him and tossed him shoulder first into the corner, hitting Clark shoulder off the ringpost. Clark stumbled back out of the corner and Legend picked him up before dropping him with a sidewalk backbreaker over his knee. Clark was down and Legend got him back up, looking to end the match. He grabbed Clark from behind, applied the Double Chickenwing and lifted Clark in the air! The crowd roared as Legend fell back and delivered a devestating Legend Special ‘77, where Clark landed directly on his head! Legend set up the table and called for the Requiem. Clark could barely stand and Legend lifted him up on his shoulders, but from the crowd comes a woman. Legend was, about to nail the move when she entered the ring and used a stun gun on the BWF Champion! Clark fell of Legends shoulders and Legend fell to all fours on the mat. The woman turned, so the camera could see her face and it was Alli Taylor! Clark slowly got up and layed Legend on the table as the crowd boo’d him heavily. He exited the ring and started to climb the ladder, much to the delight of the fans, interestingly enough. He reached the top of the ladder and looked around to the fans. He he took a deep breath and jumped off the 40 foot ladder from the outside of the ring, into the ring! He looked for a frog splash but Legend somehow, moved out of the way and Clark crashed and burned, shattering the table with his body and hitting the ring with a thud. The crowd chanted holy shit as Clark layed in the rubble of the broken table, both men were down as Alli Taylor stood in the ring, shocked. She exited and went under the ring, she pulled out a chair, a trash can and a barbed wire bat! She tossed all the weapons into the ring and waited. Legend slowly stood, seemingly very dis-oriented. He looked around as if he thought he had lost, but noticed that the crowd was still cheering so he picked up a chair. Clark slowly, very slowly, got up and Legend went to hit him with the chair but Clarks legs gave out and he fell to a knee. Legend missed and swung again and was able to boot Legend in the gut and nail him with an implant ddt! Legend was down, bleeding from the forehead and Clark nipped up as the crowd boo’d him! Clark still looked out of it but he climbed to the top rope and was able to hit Legend with the Quickiller elbow drop for a two count! Clark couldn’t believe it. He picked up the barbed wire bat and started rubbing the barbed wire into Legends bleeding forehead as the crowd boo’d. Clark pulled the barbed wire off the bat and began to wrap it around his cast. Legend stood and Clark hit him with a huge lariat, taking the champion down and cutting his chest with the barbed wire. Clark stumbled back onto the ropes. Legend grabbed the chair and stood again, Clark carged at him and Legend tossed the chair into Clarks face, taking the challenger down. Legend got Clark up and kicked him in the stomach, he lifted the challenger and dropped him with a big powerbomb! Clark was down and this move took a lot out of Legend. Alli handed Clark something and Clark slowly stood back up. Legend charged at the challenger and Clark levelled him with a big right hand! Legend staggered back and we see that Clark had brass knuckles! Clark shoots off the ropes and nails Legend with a KENTA knee strike to the chest, taking the champion down. Legend is bleeding from the forehead heavily and both men are hurt, badly. Clark got Legend up and went for the Deadicator, flip piledriver but Legend reversed it mid move and positioned Clark on his shoulders before dropping him with the Requiem! Clark layed on the mat lifeless and Legend covered for the three count and victory.

After the match, Legend celebrating, bleeding with the BWF Championship held high above his head. Alli Taylor entered the ring to check on Clark and Legend noticed her. He saw the stun gun on the mat and picked it up, he began to approach her but from the back came the three remaining members of the Iconoclast! They entered the ring, Alva and Galle took Legend down with a double clothesline. They got Legend back up and Alva hit him with the New York Minute! Galle and Donavon held Legend up as Alva got a microphone for Clark. Clark could barely stand but he got in Legends face. He proceeded to announce that he and is the new Commissioner of BWF, along with the Chief of Staff and his new girlfriend Alli Taylor! He states that from here on out, he’ll be making Legends life a living hell and he won’t hold the BWF Championship for much longer, if the Clast has anything to say about it! But then, rushing the ring came JC Ice, Ravnos and Nick Toretto! They entered the ring and disposed of Donavon, Alva and Galle. Clark and Alli left the ring on their own, through the crowd. Toretto and Ravnos tossed Galle and Donavon out of the ring and JC Ice did the same to Alva. Ravnos and Toretto helped Legend up and JC picked up the BWF Championship. He looked at it for a long time, before handing it over to Legend as Hearts on Fire went off the air!

- Johnny Ryken def. Johnny Danger, Spencer Bayne, Jason Gatti
- The Kindred def. Aberdean Boys
- The Executioner def. Rob Torborg
- Americas Most Hated def. The NsiderZ
- JC Ice def. Eden Turner, Cody Galle
- Nick Toretto def. AJ Donavon to retain the Primetime title
- Chris Roman def. Rob Warren to win the United States title
- The Legend def. Cody Clark to retain the BWF title