Name: Miles Vincent

Nickname: Ghost

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 300 Lbs.

Classification: Heavyweight

Alignment: Face

Entrance Music: "Line in the Sand" - Motorhead

Entrance: "Line in the Sand" by Motorhead hits the BlazenTron. The crowd gets on their feet and cheer as the lights turn a deep shade of blue and Ghost, wearing a trenchcoat and a black brimmed cowboy hat, walks onto the ramp, staring unflinchingly at the ring. After walking down the ramp, Ghost slowly climbs the ring steps and steps into the ring, then removes his trenchcoat and hat. He lifts his hands into the air, eyes rolled back in his head and the lights return to normal as the music fades.

Normal/Ring Attire:
- Black, Sleeveless Muscle Shirt
- Black Leather Pants
- Black Leather Gloves
- Black Elbowpads
- Black Boots
- Black Trenchcoat (Entrance Only)
- Black, Wide-brimmed Cowboy Hat (Entrance Only)

Fighting Style: Brawler

Persona: Ghost is a former three-time BWF Champion, so needless to say, hes been around the block once or twice. He tends to not notice the fans during a match and is not distracted easily. He is all about brute force and bringing the pain to his opponents in any way he can. He himself also has a large threshold for pain; he can take it just as well as he can dish it out, and MAN can he dish it out!

Signature Moves:
- Death Choke (Lifting Chokehold)
- Death Ride (Triple German Suplex)
- Buried Alive (Top-Rope Chokeslam)

- Ride to Hell (Tombstone Piledriver)
- The Guillotine (Superkick)

Quote: "Never underestimate a man of my stature... especially a dead one."

Superstar History: Ghost entered the BWF in August 2003 under a cloak of mystery. No one knew what to expect from this mysterious man, until Over The Edge 2003, when he competed in two matches in one night, winning a Championship belt in each!

Ghost lost the Intercontinental Championship to Kate Gilmore on an episode of Havok, then lost his BWF Championship a short time after to Tim Murphy at Wreckless 2003. At this time, Ghost started becoming more demonic and claimed that he could control the forces of darkness.

His alliance with BWF Owner David Blazenwing soon dissolved, resulting in the 2003 Feud of the Year, which saw Blazenwing overcome Ghost time and time again. In one of his screw-ups, however, Ghost earned a BWF Championship shot at then-Champion Brian Fenris in early December 2003. Blazenwing named himself as the special referee and, when he went after Ghost with a chair, he ended up hitting Fenris instead and Ghost capitalized for the pin and his second BWF Title, which he would lose to X at WrestleFest I. His feud with Blazenwing continued, with eventually culminated in Blazenwing burying the deadman in a casket match at BWF Happenstance 2004.

Many thought Ghost would never be seen again, but he returned a few weeks later, shocking the world with his announcement that he was the legal Commissioner of the BWF! When the Commissioner role was later phased out by David Blazenwing, Ghost was given the job as the first-ever General Manager of the newest BWF program, Thursday night Mayhem.

However, Ghost's stint as GM didn't last long, as the call of the ring was too strong to ignore. Ghost was relieved of his GM duties on May 10, 2004, and once again re-joined the active roster. At Tainted Twilight 2004, Ghost won a triple-threat match to earn a BWF Championship title shot at Stryker Cloud, and at Vertigo 2004, he delivered, becoming the only three-time BWF Champion in the history of the company!

After losing the title a month later to Desire, Ghost all but disappeared from the BWF, making one short comeback in an after-match assault on "Ice" Hensley at Over the Edge 2004 in an angle that was later dropped. After that, he would not be seen on television again until WrestleFest II on December 31, 2004, when Jen Blazenwing named him as the new Owner of the BWF!

However, much like his days as Mayhem General Manager, Ghost quickly tired of deskwork and wanted something more... so he handed the reigns of the BWF over to former BWF Champion Kate Gilmore and again re-joined the active roster at BWF Verbal Warfare 2004, when he allied himself with newly-returned superstar Timothy "Stench" Murphy in a attempt to take out The Executioner (that was later foiled by constant nemesis David Blazenwing.) The point was made that night, however... Ghost was back, and there was not a single thing anyone could do to protect themselves from the wrath of the Deadman. And of course, it wasn't long before Ghost captured gold again... this time, for the first time in his career, tag gold, as Ghost teamed with Tim Murphy at Danger Zone to win the Tag Team Turmoil match for the vacant BWF Tag Team Championships!

Title History:
- BWF Champion (3)
- BWF Intercontinental Champion (1)
- BWF Tag Team Champion (1; w/ Tim Murphy)