Adriana Garcia-Allan

Name: Adriana Garcia-Allan

Nickname: Ana

Hometown: Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 145 Lbs.

Classification: Cruiserweight

Alignment: Face

Entrance Music: “I’m a Bomb” - Natasha Bedingfield

Entrance: The lights dim to purple as the opening beat of “I’m a Bomb” by Natasha Bedingfield begins.

Taxi ride, going down town
Me and my girls, going out
counting down to detonation
10 to zero, mushroom cloud

At this point Adriana walks out from the back, her husband, Danny Allan by her side. They hold hands as Danny now twirls his wife around while she has a sexy little smile on her face and the same attitude in her step.

Little angel, I’ve been too good
Ditch the halo for a while
Dressed to kill I’ll be causing
Mass destruction, so shield your eyes
I’m all steamed up and ready to blow
Pressure max, meter red overload
To get release I gotta explode

Green flashes now pulsate with the purple hue as Adriana and Danny now slowly strut their way down the ramp, Ana with her head held high somewhat looking down at everyone in the arena.

I'm a bomb, can you hear me tick?
Beware if you turn me on
There is no safety switch
I'm a bomb use only steady hands
To mess with me
You must be a brave man

Danny now guides Ana slowly up the steel steps from ringside with a touch of the hand, and she now stands on top of the apron with her head held high. Danny then shouts at the ref to come over, as he then orders him to holds the ropes down for his wife, which the ref immediately does. At this point Ana blows a kiss Danny’s way then seductively slides her way through the middle ropes and into the ring.

Normal/Ring Attire: When not wrestling, Ana wears whatever the hell she wants (most people that ask this question end up with a broken nose and a black eye to match); Adriana wears a black (or whatever color is good that night) tank top, with a pair of baggy black pants (Jeff Hardy style), that are held up with a black and silver belt; to finish the ensemble, Adriana wears black & silver lace up boots that are most of the time covered up by the pants.

Fighting Style: Aerial, with some submissions

Persona: Adriana is as confident in her abilities as she is her Latino heritage. She knows that she can beat her opponents quickly, but Ana enjoys seeing her opponents suffer slowly as she beats them with one dazzling aerial move after the other.

Signature Moves:
- Swanton Bomb
- The Latin Leap (Moonsault)
- The Anacanrana (Head-scissors takeover)
- The Widow’s Peak

- The Aztecan Sun (Shooting Star Press)
- Mexican Sunset (Off the top rope Sunset Flip)
- Fade to Black (Full Nelson Submission hold)

Quote: “Life is a bitch, and then you meet me!”

Superstar History: Adriana grew up the youngest of 6 siblings in a household in which she was not allowed to do much of anything. As a teenager, Ana ran away from home and headed to the large cities of Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. While in these cities, Ana took refuge in a relative’s house while learning to kick box and wrestle; her dream was to be a famous wrestler or kick boxer and leave Mexico. When she reached the age of 18, Adriana moved to her current hometown of El Paso, Texas.

While in Texas, Ana continued her training in kick boxing and took up karate, becoming a black belt within a year. While training, Ana overheard other customers talking of this professional wrestling federation, the BWF. Very interested in seeing what the BWF was all about, Ana scraped up just enough money to attend a show at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas. After seeing the show, Adriana knew that this was her destiny, to become a wrestler for BWF. She contacted David Blazenwing and told him of her interest in the company. After hearing all of her credentials, David immediately signed her. After several months of working only dark matches and house shows, Adriana decided to come out from her shell and let everyone know that just because she was a woman didn’t mean she was fragile.

Ever since then, Adriana has made quite a name for herself in BWF, capturing the Hardcore Championship in her debut match with the company, as well as winning the Cruiserweight Championship and the International Championship on a number of occasions. However, her biggest accomplishment in the company without a shadow of a doubt came at the 2004 Gauntlet Run, when she pinned Canadian Hero in a Triple-Threat match to capture "Ice" Hensley's BWF Championship title! After losing the belt a month later back to Hensley at WrestleFest II, it would be nearly a year before Ana would capture gold again, this time at Path to Glory in November 2005, when she became the first Women's Champion in BWF history! She would also be the only Women's Champion in BWF history, as the belt was quickly retired at the beginning of 2006. Adriana was rewarded, however, with a shot at David Blazenwing's International Championship instead at Broken Resolutions 2006!

However, before the match for the International Championship at Broken Resolutions could take place, Adriana won the International Championship for an impressive third time at a house show a few days before the PPV. Ana then was scheduled to defend her championship against David Blazenwing, rather than fight for it.

In a strange turn of events that night - during the Street Fight between The Executioner and Nick Toretto, Adriana made an appearance at the finish of the match... hitting Nick Toretto with her newly won International Championship, and thus aligning her with someone whom people thought was her mortal enemy, The Executioner. After the match was over, Adriana and Danny then set out to show what they were truly capable of - destroying not only Toretto, but then the then fiancée, now ex-fiancée, Kitsune and the protégé of Adriana and fiancée of Nick Toretto, Eden Turner and Nick's manager, Isabella Giordano. Later on in the evening, Danny returned the favor to his new partner and helped Adriana successfully defend her International Championship against David Blazenwing. It appeared as if the old romance between the two was now re-ignited and the new alliance between Adriana Garcia and Danny Allan has no one to stop them...if one tries, they will most likely suffer the same fate as those who tried to stop them at Broken Resolutions.

After Broken Resolutions, Danny and Adriana’s romance continued, developing so much that in April of 2006, the two embarked on a trip to the island of Fiji, where shortly after arrival, Danny proposed to Adriana and the two were married the next day, April 15. However, the honeymoon didn’t last long. Shortly after returning from their honeymoon, the Allans found themselves thrown into the RXW vs. LWA battle – choosing the side of the Legend’s LWA. However, Danny was the only wrestling Allan of the two as Adriana found out soon after Tainted Twilight that she was pregnant, thus ending her career…at least temporarily. Adriana continues to escort her husband down to the ring (although he’d rather her not) and cheer him on. But rest assured, this does not mean that the wrestling world has seen the end of Adriana Garcia-Allan, when she returns to the ring, she will reclaim her position as the most dominant female in the BWF.

Title History/Accomplishments:
- BWF Champion (1)
- BWF Women's Champion (1)
- BWF International Champion (3)
- BWF Tag-Team Champion (1; w/ The Executioner)
- BWF Hardcore Champion (1)
- BWF Cruiserweight Champion (1)
- 2004 & 2005 BWF Female Superstar of the Year