The Executioner

Name: Danny Allan

Nickname: The Executioner

Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 251 Lbs.

Classification: Heavyweight

Alignment: Face

Entrance Music: "Welcome Home" - Coheed and Cambria

Entrance: The opening lyrics of "Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria immediately kick into gear as they begin to engulf the arena while everyone stays fixated on this sight. The bright white lights start up again, and flash in time with the music. The beam of gold light starts splitting out as it revolves. Sparks of gold then start fluttering their way down from the rafters while the podium starts rising from the stage. When it finally completes its ascension, and the beam fades, what we now see before us is The Executioner, standing tall on a podium with his wife, Adriana present by his side. They both have their heads lowered as the flashing lights seem to gleam off of them while the crowd gives a heavy mixed reaction to the pair. They both merely raise their heads in unison as Danny gives a smile full enough to show off his pearly whites while Adriana holds one arm up into the air, pointing her finger high into the sky. Danny and Adriana look down upon the audience as they then begin to slowly strut their way down the ramp. They reach the bottom of the walkway and stop. Danny looks around the arena as a few fans near ringside try to touch the man while the woof whistles gather for Adriana, her taking no notice of them. He makes his way slowly up the steps and into the ring while Adriana paces the outside area. Executioner now makes his way over to the far turnbuckle and climbs it as he merely stands. The crowd reaches a fevered pitch as flashing lights consume the ring, the fans taking their pictures of the epitome of excellence. He tilts his head up towards the arena roof and takes it all in as Adriana simply stares on at her husband from ringside with a mischievous grin on her face. After a few moments he steps down from the turnbuckle, leans through the ropes and graces Adriana with a kiss for good measure as the music fades out.

Normal Attire: Danny Allan's taste in clothes usually varies. One day he could be wearing jeans and a casual top. Other times, he may put a little effort in and dress to impress. He's also prone to wearing alot of his merchandise, as he's pretty hands on with that side of the department.

Ring Attire: Like his normal clothing, Danny also prides himself in staying fresh and unique, so he has a collection of ring gear. There's a few listed below, but it's probably a given that he'll show up in plenty more attire in the future.
- Silver trunks with the word "Executioner" in black lettering situated at the back.
- Silver tights with the word "Excellence" in shiny black with a thin blue outline placed on the back of the tights.
- Gold trunks with the words "Executioner" in silver lettering. (usually only worn on special occasions)
- Black or silver boots. Other pairs also seem to have the word "Executioner" on the boots in small lettering.

Fighting Style: Danny has a mixed style, but is a bonified Technical/Submission specialist. He'll try and keep his advesaries close to the mat, but he's not afraid to brawl if need be. He's not the strongest person, but can usually stun alot of opponents with a wide variety of crisp and clean suplexes. He prides himself in being reasonably agile, due to extensive training in quick mat wrestling. However, he'll almost never go to the top rope which seems to be his ultimate downfall.

Persona: The Executioner can come across as cocky and arrogant to the common fan, a trait carried over from his past. For whatever reason, it only makes them like him more now that he has supposedly reformed his ways. Executioner also likes to draw appreciation and support by interacting with the fans. He also tends to do a little showboating.

Signature Moves:
- Struck With Excellence (Inverted Russian Leg Sweep)
- Cut Throat (Modified Diamond Cutter)
- The Judgment (Stalling vertical suplex, shifted into a sitdown inverted piledriver)
- Rolling German Suplexes

- The Execution (Testdrive)
- The Last Rights (Sharpshooter)

Last Resort Finishers:
- The Excellentia (This hold begins with a supine opponent laying face up on the mat. The Executioner then seizes one of the arms and proceeds to walk over the opponent while continuing to hold the arm, forcing them to turn over onto their stomach. The Executioner then reaches over and bends one leg so that the shin is behind the knee of the straight leg and places the ankle of the straight leg in their armpit. With the same arm, The Executioner reaches around the ankle and through the opening formed by the legs, and locks his hands together in a Texas cloverleaf. The Executioner then pulls back so as to stretch the legs, back and neck of the opponent while keeping the arm trapped.)
- Epitome of Excellence (Top-rope Ki Krusher DDT)

Quote: "Experience the Excellence of The Executioner!"

Superstar History: Daniel Allan started training in his hometown of Edinburgh Scotland at the young age of 16. He trained for two years under a man named Alexander McPherson, who was well liked and respected in the Scottish wrestling leagues. At the age of 18, Allan moved to the U.S. with a good amount of wrestling skill, especially in the technical department.

While getting his start wrestling in Indy feds, Allan lived out of his suitcase for almost three years, usually renting out crummy motel rooms just to get by on his low salary. With five years of wrestling skill under his name, he found the Blazenwing Wrestling Federation in an ad... and that's when his career finally took off. Immediately impressed with his physique and in-ring skills, BWF Owner David Blazenwing signed The Executioner to a BWF contract in September 2003.

While Executioner struggled early on in his career, he did manage to win the BWF Hardcore Championship twice and defeated the impressive Kate Gilmore to end her 70+ day Intercontinental Title reign. However, backstage politics soon reared their ugly head, and when Executioner lost the Intercontinental Championship to The Big O because of in-ring interference from David Blazenwing, Executioner had had enough and signed with rival promotion PCW. He won their X-Division Championship, and went down in the record books with an 81 day reign.

Although he was a frequent main eventer in PCW, Executioner still never made it to the very top and lost his title match when a major rival named James Montrose slashed his hopes and dreams of becoming PCW World Champion. PCW closed it's doors in late 2004, however, and rather then start fresh in a new federation, Executioner decided to return to BWF and finish some old business.

Executioner returned to BWF as a surprise entrant in the 2004 Gauntlet Run match, taking out Hypetreme beforehand, then assaulting and eliminating BWF Owner (and longtime rival) David Blazenwing. The two went on and had what was arguably the match of the night at WrestleFest II, which saw The Executioner pick up the win over Blazenwing. Post match, Blazenwing's stable Sex & Violence attempted to interfere, but X turned on them and attempted to side with Executioner in an attempt to bring back The X-ecutionists!

Executioner was less than thrilled with this idea, though he was forced to got along with it by being paired up with X in various matches, including a Steel Cage Tag Match at Survival of the Sickest 2005, which saw Blazenwing and Bam pick up the win due to a screw-up by X. A short time later, the official rematch was set to take place on Havok, but X never showed up to the arena, leaving Executioner alone to face Dave and Bam.

That's when someone else made their return to BWF... another rival of Danny, Tim Murphy. He took out Bam and ordered the match to continue as a one-on-one between Blazenwing and Exie, which again saw Exie pick up the win. This set the stage for Verbal Warfare 2005, where the three men would face off in a Triple-Threat Match.

Halfway through the match, Blazenwing walked out and when the ref got knocked out, Ghost appeared and sided with Ghost, essentially putting Executioner into a handicap position. Then, from out of nowhere, Blazenwing returned and neutralized Ghost long enough for Executioner to hit Tim with the Execution and pin him!

The unthinkable had happened... Blazenwing had gone from enemy to ally in a matter of moments. However, Executioner wasn't ready to forgive him just yet... Blazenwing would have to prove himself. He managed to set up a six-man Elimination Chamber Match for the Undisputed Championship at Happenstance 2005, pitting Executioner against MJW, Tim, Ghost, "Ice" Hensley and Champion Bam. Blazenwing was the special referee for the match, which came down to Bam and Executioner. After a long, bloody battle, Executioner tossed Bam through a glass chamber, then hit him with the Execution and pinned him to finally win his first World Championship!

The Executioner would go on to have a record-setting 182 title reign with his first run, defeating the likes of Toco, Eliminator, "Ice" Hensley and more along the way. However, he would come up against his greatest challenge in the form of longtime rival David Blazenwing, who had become jealous of Danny's success. After assaulting his fiancee, Kitsune, at Retribution, Blazenwing got his one on one title match against Allan at Over the Edge and, with the help of his wife Jen, cheated to defeat Exie and take his BWF Championship.

And that's when The Executioner snapped.

This had gone on far enough, he told himself. When Blazenwing formed a series of "challenges" in the form of superstars like Squeesus and Acid for Danny to gain another shot at the title, Exie destroyed his opponents with a fierceness not seen since the days of the old, evil Executioner. When Blazenwing screwed Exie out of that, Danny held his ground, forcing Blazenwing to come out and give him his rematch... in a 30-Minute Ironman Match at Gauntlet Run 2005!

The match was a wild one, which saw Executioner defeat Blazenwing two falls to one, picking up the last fall via submission with the Last Rights one second before the end of the time limit. The Executioner had regained the BWF Championship! Yet, that was not enough for the Scotland native, who tortured and ultimately shelved Blazenwing in the aftermath of the match. No doubt about it... the old Executioner was back. God have mercy on the superstars of BWF.

Title History:
- BWF/Undisputed Champion (2)
- BWF Intercontinental Champion (1)
- BWF Tag-Team Champion (1; w/ Adriana Garcia-Allan)
- BWF Hardcore Champion (2)
- PCW X-Division Champion (1)