Eden Turner

Name: Eden Turner

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 140 Lbs.

Classification: Cruiserweight

Alignment: Neutral

Entrance Music: "Paid My Dues" - Anastacia

Entrance: The arena lights lower to a dim light, and then a sudden purple hue begins to fill the arena. After that a strong female voice blasts over the BlazenTron.

You can say what you want about me
Wanna do what you want to me
But you can not stop me

An eruption of pyro now goes off all across the stage as "Paid My Dues" by Anastacia makes its way through the audience. Not long after, a tall slender figure known as Eden Turner comes through the curtain, head held high, followed closely by Nick Toretto. The pair shares an intent stare with each other, almost kissing, but not quite.

I've been knocked down
It's a crazy town
Even got punched in the face in L.A.
Ain't nothing in the world that you keep
me from doing what I wanna do

She now seductively walks down the ramp as she blows a few kisses, and points out fans holding up signs of her while she stops proudly near the bottom – all the while Nick keeping his eye intently on Eden, and when he reaches the bottom to meet her, the two finally share that kiss. She looks around the arena and gives a respectful nod to the rabid fans.

'Cause I'm too proud, I'm too strong
Live by the code that you gotta move on
Feeling sorry for yourself
Ain't got nobody nowhere

Eden then begins to slowly walk up the steel steps and across the ring apron while keeping a sultry smile on her face, grabs the ropes and does a slow backward roll into the ring, while the audience claps even louder. Nick follows suit by entering the ring through the second rope.

So I...
(Held my head high)
Knew I (Knew I survive)
Well I made it (I made it)
I don't hate it (Don't hate it)
That's just the way it goes

Eden then sprints and leaps up onto one of the turnbuckles and holds her hands high, as the audience begins to take pictures of the Queen of Xtreme.

I done made it through
Stand on my own two
I paid my dues, yeah
Tried to hold me down
You can't stop me now
I paid my dues

Eden then jumps down as she paces the ring and walks right over to Nick, who is standing on the far side of the ring – kisses him yet again and the two stand arm in arm while awaiting the contest to begin.

Normal Attire: When not in the ring, Eden pretty much wears jeans and t-shirts/tank tops, unless she is attending a lavish party; that is when the gorgeous, and not to mention, expensive clothes come out. At parties, Eden is usually seen wearing a designer evening gown, which is made especially for her. This is also the only time that Eden is seen wearing high heels; normally when not attending parties, Eden wears flip flop sandals to feel comfortable. When Eden dresses for a normal day, the only thing on her mind is comfort.

Ring Attire: When Eden goes to work, she wears pretty much the same thing as she would if she were not doing anything particularly special that day. Eden wears a white (or whatever other color) tank top with short black shorts. On her feet are mid-calf length wrestling boots. To complete the ensemble, Eden wears black elbow & knee pads.

Fighting Style: Daredevil w/ Some Submissions

Persona: Eden is usually very pleasant to her co-workers and her adoring fans. But be warned, if you get on her bad side, you better find a way to get back on her good side. When Eden gets angry, the phrase “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” barely begins to describe it. One might say that her fiancée’s Italian temper has had more of an effect than Eden is willing to admit.

Signature Moves:
- Caribbean Sunset (Shooting Star Press)
- Pirate’s Peak (Hangman Submission Hold)
- The Royal Treatment (Headscissors Takedown)

- Desert Deathlock (Indian Deathlock Leg Submission)
- The Shipwrecker (Senton Bomb into a Small Package)

Quote: “There is more to this girl then just a pretty face.”

Superstar History: Eden Elizabeth Turner was born third of four children – born in Nottingham, Eden and her three siblings were later move to the Caribbean, and to this day, where the Turner family continues to live. . She grew up with one younger sister and two older brothers. Eden grew up the pampered ‘daddy’s little girl’. She never had to worry about work or anything like that, and became the apple of her parent’s eye. She was the perfect little girl and was a daughter that parents could be proud of. However, as she grew up, that changed and she was no longer ‘daddy’s little girl’, she was her own woman and could not stand to live under the same roof as her parents.

Her 18th birthday was that deciding moment – where Eden decided that she was going to move out from under her parents and make her own way, not leaching off her parents. She decided to move to the United States. At the time she moved, she had no idea where she would go, but she knew she needed to get out of her current situation. Anywhere was better than where she was living with her parents. After a while, Eden decided to travel to El Paso, Texas - it wasn’t a small town, but it was small enough that no one had heard of her. Shortly after moving there, Eden began martial arts and kick boxing training – something that had she stayed with her parents, she never would have been allowed to do; while training one day, Eden ran into the person that would one day give her everything – Adriana Garcia. Adriana was spending some time in her native Texas and saw Eden, reminded of herself; she offered to take Eden under her wing.

For a while, Eden trained with Adriana, but when the time came for Adriana to leave, Eden decided to stay in Texas to further her education in martial arts and kick boxing. Eden became interested in becoming a professional wrestler herself and entered a school in San Antonio- that was when Eden turned 20. When Eden was “discovered” by some local talent, she decided to enter the world of independent wrestling. After a while, most of the independent companies went bankrupt and Eden was out of work.

One day, she was contacted by her good friend Adriana Garcia and Adriana told Eden to fly up to North Carolina- Adriana had done the unthinkable- she got Eden a job with the BWF. Eden struggled a bit to get wins underneath her belt, but after a few months and one career threatening injury, she managed to pick up the X-Division Championship in the first-ever Moran’s Rules Match at BWF Beta Test on June 29, 2005.

Once her career started to take off, so did her personal life. When on a plane to St. Louis from Wisconsin, Eden met with Nick Toretto, who at that point was just a bodybuilder. She went to his competition and then the two struck up a small romance which has turned into a burning, passionate romance – as the two are engaged to get married, when they get married is not yet known, but they will one day. Seeing as she spends the majority of her time with Nick, Eden has moved from her beloved Texas to her current hometown of Minneapolis, in the home of her fiancé, Nick.

Since her run as X-Division Champion ended, Eden had spent some time without a title, but found her opportunity in the BWF Happenstance Tournament of Kings. Eden, one of only two or three women entered, took the fight to her male competitors and came out on top, becoming the first ever Queen of the Happenstance Tournament. She had an opportunity to capture the BWF Heavyweight Championship at Danger Zone, but failed to do so. After a short while, when the BWF became known as the LWA, Eden was once again given her shot at the brass ring – this time, Eden Turner took the fight to then champion Torin Justice and won – Eden became the first-ever female LWA Heavyweight Champion.

Now that LWA has closed its doors, Eden was the last-ever LWA Heavyweight Champion, along with the first female champion. Eden has now returned to the newly re-opened BWF, ready to reclaim her top at the spot and with her fiancée Nick by her side, she is sure to regain that top spot once again.

Title History:
- LWA Heavyweight Champion (1)
- BWF X-Division/Cruiser-X Champion (2)
- 2006 BWF Happenstance Queen