Cody Clark

Name: Cody Clark

Hometown: Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 235 Lbs.

Classification: Heavyweight

Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music: "Ebolerama" - Every Time I Die

Entrance: The lights go out in the arena and a green spotlight appears on the stage. "Ebolerama" by Every Time I Die’s opening guitar riffs start up and the crowd awaits the entrance of Cody Clark.

‘Boys: shoot to thrill from the hip. This time we put the "act" in action.
We've tricked the pigs into thinking that this auction is a pageant.’

Cody Clark appears in the center of the green spotlight. He is sporting his signature white t-shirt, blue ripped jeans and VonZipper sunglasses. He stands at the top of the ramp, looking around to the crowd. His signature grin appears on his face as he looks into the audience.

‘In no time there will be makeup on our new set of cutlery.
The livestock is star struck. They're all salivating like ravenous cartoons.’

Clark starts to walk down the ramp way, looking around into the crowd and absorbing what it’s like to be at WrestleFest. The crowd boos Clark but he doesn’t really seem to care, he is more in awe. He stops walking, halfway down the ramp and raises one arm in the air. Pyro explodes on either side of the ramp. It explodes in succession all the way down the ramp until reaching the bottom, once it reaches the bottom, there is one last explosion of pyro.

‘Goddamn animal. You'd better watch where you spit.
Squeal like soft music. If it helps, we'll dim the lights on the floor.
Neon bulbs are the cosmetics of swine.
Everybody looks quite dazzling, trussed up in their formal attire.
You'd make a great secret if I could keep you, but we all spill our guts.’

Clark is now at the ring steps. He climbs up and walks along the apron, looking into the audience. They are still booing him but Clark doesn’t give care, he just stares out at all the thousands of people in attendance. Clark then turns around and enters the ring, looking more focused than ever.

‘When the urgency strikes you, you'd better not lose your nerve.
It's the rush that the cockroaches get at the end of the world. It's all right.
There's a pail by the bed if you need one (but you're doing just fine).
When in Rome we shall do as the Romans, when in Hell we do shots at the bar.’

Clark walks over to the ropes and stands on the second rope. He raises one fist in the air and the crowd boos him even more. Clark jumps down off of the second rope and starts running off the ropes, warming up.

‘Last call, kill it.’

Normal/Ring Attire: Ratty jeans and a black tee, most of the time. In ring, he wears ripped jean shorts, black knee pads, black boots and a white t-shirt.

Fighting Style: Hybrid

Persona: Cody Clark shows respect, but he also will do anything he can to win and he loves to counter moves. If he is disrespected, he will do anything to humiliate his opponent(s).

Signature Moves:
- The Quickiller (Diving Elbow Drop)
- Pretzel Neck Drop (Pump Handle Neck Drop)
- Implant DDT
- Flying KENTA Knee
- Clark Cutter (Top-Rope Leg Drop)

- Deadicator (Flip Piledriver)
- Beginning Ending (Run-Up STO)

Quote: "Having Class Is A Joke!"

Superstar History: Cody Clark trained for wrestling in Toronto, Ontario. He was raised by his Uncle Lyle in the small town of Halton Hills. Between the two, money was tight but they found some to allow him to train to become a pro wrestler.

He had great ambition and quickly became the top performer in his class, graduating early. His trainer, Scott Palmer was well known over the wrestling world so he quickly got Clark signed. The first federation he signed with was the Epic Wrestling Organization (eWo) but he never got a match there, it closed.

He recieved a phone call from Jen Blazenwing shortly after that, asking him if he'd be willing to join BWF in a tag team called the New School Marvels (NsM) with a fellow newcomer, Chris McKnight.

Clark agreed and the two hit it off immediatly, joining BWF and impressing quickly, defeating two former BWF Champions in NsMs first tag-team outing. But about a month into their run, McKnight was sidelined with an injury. This lunged Cody quickly into singles competition, which was a good thing.

He won the heavily famed BWF Happenstance Tournament, a tournament that no one in the wrestling world ever thought he could win, but he did and proved himself. He also ended up making an enemy out of fellow up-start Mark McNasty in the process. The two battled many more times after the tournament.

Clark earned a shot at The Executioner and the BWF Championship (then Undisputed Championship). Clark pinned Executioner, but his shoulders were also down so the match was declared a draw. But once again, he proved to the wrestling world that he was for real, and he was a threat to anyone looking to grab the top spot.

From there on Clark had great battles with Mark McNasty, Rob Torborg, Adriana Garcia and BWF Hall Of Famer, Ghost. Clark even defeated Ghost in a Casket Match, and then he set the casket on fire!

Chris McKnight returned from injury later that year and NsM was reunited. The two had a legendary TLC match against Alejandro Diego and Eden Turner which saw Clark capture his first major title, the BWF International Championship.

Clark defended the title for over two months before losing it to Brian Cade in a Jail Cell Match. Clark was sidelined with an injury after that resulting in some time off.

He returned to take on Rob Torborg, Captain Marticus and Toco in a Path To Glory match which saw Clark eliminate Torborg, but the match was ultimately won by Captain Marticus (with much controversy.)

Clark then proceeded to "quit" BWF before returning shortly after 2006 began, going on to defeat Phoenix in a bloody Parking Lot Brawl for the Primetime Championship on a January 2006 edition of Havok!

Clark lost the title to David Blazenwing in February, then formed the New School Regime with Kyle Cross, Legend, Alex Wilkie and co. at Hearts on Fire 2006. Cody then quit drinking and got married in late March (to Lawrence Jarvis’ daughter Kimberly), all before defeating Kirlia Gardevoir on the March 20th edition of Havok to win the BWF Championship for the first time in his career!

He lost the championship in an Elimination Chamber match shortly after tasting the gold and then engaged in a bitter feud with former mentor, Scott Palmer. Palmer sent Stryker Cloud to take out Clark but to no avail, Clark defeated him. Palmer and Clark squared off at BWF Danger Zone 2006 in a Stretcher Match. Clark won and that was his last BWF appearance.

He came to px:w to work for Paul Reynolds. Clark was the first signing for the company and that attracted major talent like Lawrence Jarvis and Bill Dynamite. Clark defeated Chris Roman, Alex Wilkie, Shane Ellop and eWo Legend, Seth Dryden to make it to the finals of the px:w World Title tournament. All while he was engaged in a feud with his wife, Kimberly Jarvis' father Lawrence. The finals saw Cody Clark face Lawrence Jarvis in a Last Man Standing match, refereed by Bill Dynamite to determine the first px:w World Champion.

Clark won, and won the respect of his father in law. Over the next month Clark defended the championship in an awesome match against old NsR co-hort turned rival, The Legend. Clark successfully defended his championship and then went on to a triple threat, Hell in a Cell match at px:w Hell and Back 2006. Clark was pinned by Jarvis but to this date, it was the greatest match in px:w history. Clark and Jarvis clashed one month later at State of Revenge and with help from his Dynasty cohort Reno Drake, Lawrence Jarvis retained the championship.

Clark hooked up with Gabe Reno and Simon King as The Iconoclast for a short time but after High Impact, Gabe Reno and Simon King left the company, dissolving the group. Within this time, Cody had a brief feud with Dylan Dunn which culminated with a match between the two at High Impact, that Clark lost.

After suffering three consecutive losses on pay per view, Cody seized an opportunity to break the losing streak on ppv. Clark went one on one with Reno Drake for the World Championship at No Return '06 when the title was vacated by Bill Dynamite. Clark hit the Deadicator and won his second px:w World Championship.

But shortly after, px:w closed and Cody Clark was left out of work. He and his wife Kimberly also started arguing more and more about money and after a night in Vegas, Clark filed for divorce. It was a quick divorce as they weren't married long enough for Kimberly to get any money.

The only way to keep his career going after px:w’s demise was for Cody to return to his roots, to return to the newly re-opened BWF. And what better way to return than at WrestleFest IV, which marked the young Canadians first WrestleFest appearence. And it was only fitting that he face someone who had quite the history with, Bill Dynamite. Clark was able to defeat another one of his former mentors, by forcing The Idol to tap out to the Canadian favored, Sharpshooter submission hold. Although he was known as a ‘Hardcore’ wrestler in the past, Clark showed his technical side in this match. But right after the match, Clark brutally attacked Bill Dynamite, sending the Idol to the hospital, where he sits a coma. All at the hands of Cody Clark, he made an impact in the new BWF and is now looking to recapture the BWF Championship, at any cost.

Title History:
- BWF Champion (1)
- px:w World Champion (2)
- BWF International Champion (1)
- BWF Primetime Champion (1)
- BWF Happenstance King 2005