Name: Carnage

Hometown: Hell, MI

Height: 6'4

Weight: 247 lbs.

Classification: Heavyweight

Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music: "Spit It Out" by Slipknot

Entrance: The lights die as Slipknot's, "Spit it Out" begins to play. Red strobe lights and fog fill the entranceway, as Carnage walks out. As he walks down the ramp, a large explosion hits the stage, and the lights return.

Normal Attire: See Above

Ring Attire: Leather pants, black boots and wristbands, full facepaint

Fighting Style: Relies on power and quickness.

Persona: Indifferent. It doesn't matter whether he's liked or not, by the fans or other wrestlers. All he cares about is winning matches and taking gold.

Signature Moves:
- Electric Chair Drop
- Death Valley Driver
- Clothesline from Hell

- Six Feet Under (Catches opponent coming off of the ropes, throws them in the air, and catches them with a Diamond Cutter as they're falling.)
- Death Sentence (Modified Texas Cloverleaf)

Title History:
- BWF Tag Team Champions (1; w/ Chaos)
- 2004 BWF Co-Happenstance King (w/ Chaos)