Dorian Black

Name: Dorian Black

Nickname: The Absolute Being

Hometown: New Port, California

Height: 6'5"

Weight 265 Lbs.

Classification: Heavyweight

Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music: "To What Ends" - Thrice

Entrance: "To What Ends" by Thrice echos throughout the arena as Dorian Black walks out. The crowd boos and he thinks nothing of it. He struts to the ring with a smirk on his face. He climbs in the ring and brushes off his shoulders.

Normal/Ring Attire: Normally he wears a black suit with a red tye and a black trench coat drapped over his shoulders, in the ring he wears black shiny pants with the word "Black" going down one leg and a cross on the other.

Fighting Style: Brawler/Daredevil

Persona: Black hates the crowd, respects his opponents and doesn't trash talk in the ring at all.

Signature Moves:
- The Black Rose (Springboard heel kick to the face)
- Smoke & Mirrors (Spits a black mist into the opponent's eyes then hits them with a superkick)
- Second Shade Of Black (Top rope flipping leg drop)

- The Final Flight (The Lo' Down)
- The Blackout (Stunner)

Quote: None Yet

Superstar history: Not much is known about Dorian Black, as his history remains a large mystery. No background info on his wrestling skills is even attainable, as this is his first fed. He has made an impact since joining, however... he won the BWF tag Team Championships in an impromptu match with makeshift partner The Canadian Hero, then later went on to become the first Television Champion (despite losing the title only five days later). If his early battles are any indication, Black will be a main eventer in no time!

Title History:
- BWF Tag Team Champion (1; w/ The Canadian Hero)
- BWF Television Champion (1)