Alli Taylor

Name: Alli Taylor

Nickname: The Beauty

Hometown: Born in Concord, North Carolina, currently residing in Columbus, Ohio

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 135 Lbs.

Classification: Cruiserweight

Alignment: Tweener

Entrance Music: "Wine Red" - Hush Sound

Entrance: As "Wine Red" by Hush Sound starts to pick up over the BlazenTron, Alli Taylor comes out on stage. She bounces a little to the music and points to the fans in the crowd. Alli skips down the ramp and slides into the ring and jumps to the second rope. She throws her hands up and waves to everyone.

Normal Attire:
- Blue Jeans
- T-shirt

Ring Attire:
- Dark Pants
- Tank Top (Different Color Each Week)

Fighting Style: High Flyer

Persona: Alli Taylor is the kind of girl who tries to make many friends. She's also proven to be a bit... possessive in the past. If you don't believe us, just ask Mad Dogg.

Signature Moves:
- Angels Sing (Moonsault)
- Lipstick (Superkick)
- Blowing in the Wind (Lionsault)
- Glitch (Suicide Dive)

- Heaven From Above (Top Rope Angle Slam)
- Breakdown (Sleeper Slam)
- Jersey Cutter (Twist of Fate)

Quote: "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!"

Superstar History: Alli Taylor is the ex-girlfriend of BWF superstar Mad Dogg. The two had a very strong relationship for years until Alli up and left. Being tore away from her friends and life when her parents became ill and she had to move. While going with Mad Dogg, he has helped in training. She picked up a few things to help her earn some cash in some indy markets. Her passion, however, is singing. She has a band that has even won a few battle of the band contests. They are mainly a cover band and she hopes to someday become a ligit singer. Her band, "Heaven From Above" covers a lot. From pop, classic rock, to modern rock. Alli went to the RXW to try and win back Mad Dogg. However, MDogg was with Krystal Lyne. After battles with Krystal and the rest of the NSiderZ, Alli felt she almost won MDogg back.
A few weeks into the new BWF, Alli had a meeting with Jen Corlen and got her release from her wrestling contract. She felt as if she needed to just try and move on.
Now, she has apparently started to date Cody Clark. With the release of her wrestling contract, she recieved the job of naming the new commissioner and was named Cheif of Staff. What do Alli and Clark have planned?

Title History:
- N/A