2004 Scoop Slam Awards

Here are the results for who won what awards. Thank you to everyone who voted (all 10 of you... hey, same number as last year)!

2004 Male Superstar of the Year

Wacko Marko

2004 Female Superstar of the Year

Adriana Garcia

2004 Match of the Year

David Blazenwing vs. Eliminator (Wreckless - 10/31/04)

2004 Feud of the Year
Stryker Cloud vs. Josh McKlick

2004 Team of the Year

Femme Fatale (Desire & Kirlia Gardevoir)

Best Entrance

Wacko Marko

Best Face

Wacko Marko

Best Heel

David Blazenwing

Most Improved


2004 has come and gone, but the BWF is still going strong! We ain't goin anywhere, and you better not either... let's make 2005 the best year yet!